Lockdowns: An Abortion Argument

David G. Bonagura, Jr.: COVID restrictions have exposed the privacy/liberty “right” to abort as what’s it always been: an arbitrary government edict.

The irony is sickening. For decades we have heard the shrieks in defense of abortion and birth control: “Keep the government out of my uterus!” “My body, my choice!” “No woman can call herself free,” said Margaret Sanger, “who does not control her own body.”
Democratic politicians have long supported abortion with this line of reasoning. Most recently, in signing the Reproductive Health Act into law in 2019, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo declared that “women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body.” Out West, seeking codification of Roe v. Wade into the laws of California, Oregon, and Washington, Governors Newsom, Brown, and Inslee, in a joint letter, defined “reproductive choice” as “the right to make private decisions about one’s body,” and asserted that to intrude upon that choice “is a fundamental violation of individual liberty and freedom.”
Flash forward to 2020. These same governors have imposed the most restrictive measures in the nation to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Suddenly, the right to control one’s own body is no longer sacrosanct; individual liberty, touted so righteously just a year earlier, must now be curbed. These governors, along with others, have ordered their citizens to mask their faces, to limit the number of people in their homes, not to worship God in churches, not to exercise their bodies in gyms. In short, they have swiftly and systematically deprived their citizens of the very same “fundamental right to control their own bod[ies]” that they celebrate under another banner.
How far will this encroachment go? In New York, the governor decreed that food must be served in order to purchase alcohol. When one bar started offering “Cuomo Chips” as the plat du jour, the governor countered by mandating that “a substantial amount of food” must go into one’s body to drink alcohol.
Then, in October, New York released its “Mirco-Cluster Strategy” that sets thresholds at which schools must issue mandatory COVID tests to students. In essence, the government is forcing school personnel to poke into the bodies of minors, without their parents’ present. If parents object to testing their kids, the students are barred from attending school.
How can these “champions” of the right to control one’s body justify their blatant hypocrisy?
“COVID is a different matter,” they would surely say in reply. “We are protecting public health. With these measures we are saving lives.”
So we ask: in order to be consistent, shouldn’t the government ban abortion, if saving lives is so important?
We would then hear a sermon asserting women’s right to privacy, since abortion supporters must quickly shift the conversation away from the humanity of the child in utero. Advocating killing is seldom a winning argument. So they change the topic, masking abortion’s grim reality with the rhetoric of freedom, choice, and privacy.
Which returns the governors to their dilemma: How can the choice to have an abortion be protected under the penumbras of privacy but the choice of who comes over for Thanksgiving and Christmas be restricted for reasons of public health?
The governors, though, have lined up for yet another merry-go round ride. “If we don’t act now we’ll continue to see our death rate climb,” said Governor Newsom. Preventing the death of children in utero, it seems by extension, is not state interest. The message is clear: a government purportedly so concerned with saving lives has decided that only some lives are worth saving.
The severity and swiftness with which these governors have imposed COVID restrictions expose just how specious the abortion argument is. Its legality hinges entirely on an act of raw government power. We knew this in the past, but now, thanks to COVID, we feel it on our faces and up our noses. The government cannot with a straight face say that women can control their bodies when it comes to abortion, but not when it comes to going to school.
Abortion has never been about privacy or liberty. Unlike COVID prescriptions, outlawing abortion requires no intrusion into women’s lives or bodies, despite all the rhetoric to the contrary. In fact, abortion prevents the normal and healthy process of pregnancy from continuing – an odd choice when we are told that health is the government’s top priority. In fact, abortion is about ensuring that the sexual revolution has no consequences, and for this the government has declared it a compelling state interest.
To assert a “right to control one’s body” where it does not exist, as Roe did in legalizing abortion, is a lie. To continue to defend abortion on these same grounds while intruding into private homes and into the bodies of citizens to stop the pandemic transforms a lie into hypocrisy. “But COVID is different!” – is no defense at all. If the government wants to suspend livelihoods and poke into bodies to protect life, it has no choice but to protect all life, from womb to tomb.
The discussion now has to shift back to the humanity of the child in utero, where the governors and abortion supporters do not want to go. The “right to control one’s body” on the grounds of privacy and personal liberty argument has been exposed as an arbitrary government edict. We can then turn to science, which the governors claim to honor, but regularly flout, to finish the discussion, since science shows that a new human life begins at conception and is, therefore, unequivocally on the pro-life side.

David G Bonagura, Jr.

David G. Bonagura Jr. teaches at St. Joseph’s Seminary, New York. He is the author of Steadfast in Faith: Catholicism and the Challenges of Secularism (Cluny Media).
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PODCAST: Biden Estimated 250,000 COVID Deaths This Month. He Was Off By 178,000!


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At 10 Years Old, the Affordable Care Act Is Aging Badly

Another open season has come and gone in which eligible Americans could choose from a narrow array of federally subsidized health care plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Despite the ACA’s manifest gaps and failures, a recent poll from the left-leaning Kaiser Family Foundation found that a solid majority – 55% – of respondents have a favorable perception of the law. That result may be due in part to a feature of the law most have heard about and support: its ban on private insurers denying coverage for preexisting conditions.

The ACA is much more than that provision, however. By almost any measure, the law has fallen short of its objectives. It included features that proved unpopular or unsustainable, led to a decade-long court battle with—of all groups—an order of Catholic nuns devoted to the poor and it subsidized elective abortion without subscribers’ knowledge in violation of what the law plainly requires.

The ACA was modeled in part on a Massachusetts health plan that created a statewide exchange, or marketplace, offering a menu of plans individuals and families could choose from, with gradations of coverage and cost. The ACA contained a mandate, since nullified by Congress, that each individual and family have a plan in force year-round.

But a withering report earlier this year from The Heritage Foundation underscores just how far short the law has fallen.

The promise of the ACA was better coverage at lower cost. Everyone remembers President Barack Obama’s sober pledge that American families would enjoy $2,500 in annual savings on their premiums and be able to keep their doctors. The Heritage report shows, instead, that in just five years, from 2013 to 2018, the average monthly premium paid by an individual rose from $244 to $550 a month, a more than 125% increase.

At the same time, the mid-tier quality plan on the federal exchange saw its annual deductible rise by more than $1,000. Provider networks, in turn, typically shrank.

Putative innovations under the ACA fared no better. The year 2020 saw the end of multi-state plans. These were private plans sold on the marketplace by insurance companies under contract with the federal government that were supposed to attract more subscribers while lowering costs.

In addition, the federal Multi-State Plan Program was required to guarantee individuals and families both a pro-life option and an elective abortion option in the states where they existed.

But multi-state plans proved unpopular with insurance companies, as became embarrassingly apparent when the number of multi-state plans was reduced from 203 to two between 2017 and 2019, and finally nonexistent this year. Co-op plans seem headed for the same fate.

Today, most U.S. counties have only one or two exchange plans. These are the plans for which federal premium tax credits are available.

The tax credits mean that abortion coverage is being subsidized with tax dollars in many instances. Just how often this occurs has been a regular focus of Charlotte Lozier Institute and Family Research Council—this year joined by The Heritage Foundation.

What we found for the 2021 plan year continues to be disturbing.

There are 24 states, plus the District of Columbia, that allow elective abortion coverage. In total, these states offer 1,296 plans, and a full 69% of them—892 plans—cover elective abortion. Eight states fail to offer a single pro-life alternative insurance plan on the ACA marketplace, several of them due to state legislative mandates.

Fortunately, 26 states have exercised their option under the ACA to bar from their exchanges any plans that cover abortion beyond the limited exceptions under the Hyde Amendment—that is, in cases where the life of the mother is at risk, rape, or incest.

Now 10 years old, the Affordable Care Act needs to be revisited. It covers fewer than half the estimated 24 million people its authors estimated would be helped.

Rather than chase the Little Sisters of the Poor with mandates to provide no-cost coverage of contraceptives and abortifacients for their employees, Congress should apply the Hyde Amendment permanently and pursue support for patient-centered, life-affirming plans. These plans should meet the needs of subscribers at all stages of life.

Congress should also ensure that every health care plan has full transparency, so purchasers are aware of any controversial practices the plan covers. The ACA’s requirement that abortion premiums be paid separately—now enjoined by a federal court—should be enforced.

Conscience is a key element of a free and robust society in every sector, but especially health care. A decade on from enactment of the Affordable Care Act, the need for patient- and family-centered alternatives in health care is more acute than ever.


This article first appeared in The Daily Signal on December 18, 2020 and is reproduced with permission.

Why the Real Villain of 2020 Was Big Government

COVID-19 was going to be bad, no matter what. But the failures of big government made it much, much worse.

The disaster that was 2020 is finally over. Now it’s time for the inevitable post-mortems.
First and foremost, the COVID-19 pandemic posed enormous challenges to American institutions, and continues to do so. Frankly, we were not prepared. We need to diagnose what went wrong, so that we are never caught unaware like this again. Fortunately, the diagnosis is straightforward. COVID-19 was going to be bad, no matter what. But the failures of big government made it much, much worse.
In particular, the Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, and public teachers’ unions are the great American villains of 2020. Meanwhile, the heroes of this year are almost entirely in the private sector. From Zoom to vaccine development, Big Pharma and Big Tech—yes, you read that right—made this horrible year bearable. Even amid a crisis that led so many to cry out for vigorous government action, we saw that private markets still work best.
For progressives and so-called “national” conservatives who support big government, 2020 represented the ultimate test for their philosophies. Although they disagree on cultural issues, they see eye-to-eye on the role of government. Both want a big, energetic state promoting what (they believe to be) the good of the nation. Well, here was their chance for the government to shine.
The result was shameful failure. The COVID-19 crisis put left-wing and right-wing statism on trial—and both were found guilty of ill-intent and gross incompetence.
After all, the CDC is the reason America lagged behind other nations for so long in terms of COVID-19 testing. We had the virus genome fully mapped in January, which enabled the rapid production of private testing kits. But the CDC forced these operations to shut down, coming up with its own test—which was flawed, and even contaminated! Testing and tracing could have stemmed the worst of the COVID-19 tide.
On this issue alone, CDC ineptitude is likely responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. Its red tape and incompetence made containing the COVID-19 pandemic, like a few other countries were able to, impossible.
How about the FDA?
It is no secret that the vaccine was delayed because it needed FDA approval. Indeed, several working vaccines could have come much earlier, were it not for our bungling bureaucrat gatekeepers. (Dear FDA: Can you please speed things up a little, so people do not, you know, die? It would make us ever so happy if you did. Thanks.)
As for schools, the data show that young people and children are at very low-risk from COVID-19, and that schools are not “super spreaders.” Despite this, largely due to pressure from public teachers’ unions, many schools remained closed in the fall. In fact, the US was pretty much the only country to pursue the alarmist policy of keeping schools closed.
The toll on school-aged children is immense, from psychological trauma to impeded learning. Low-income families were hit especially hard. They often lacked the means to participate in distance learning, and having their kids at home made it harder for parents to earn much-needed income.
Fortunately, there seems to be some well-deserved backlash against the crony public education establishment. Hopefully a mass exodus to more effective and accountable learning platforms will follow, whether that is charter schools, private schools, or homeschooling. Even more hopefully, parents will realize public education racketeers are not their friends. They should demand loud and clear: Fund students, not systems!
In stark contrast to these unacceptable failures by government agencies and employees, the private sector delivered.
Big Pharma and Big Tech are the winners here. Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and many other companies did amazing work getting the vaccines developed as quickly as they did. Public health “experts” repeatedly claimed a vaccine would not be available for 18 months, at the earliest. (Shows what they know!)
As for Big Tech, companies like Facebook and Twitter helped us stay connected while we were forced physically to remain apart. Amazon responded well to a huge surge in demand, stemming from the curtailment of in-person shopping. Faced with an immense logistical challenge, the online retailer surpassed expectations.
These sectors and their star performers are not perfect, of course.
In the past, Big Pharma lobbied for many of the regulatory roadblocks that made fighting COVID-19 so hard. Big Tech got egg on its face for covering up the Hunter Biden laptop story. Nevertheless, the takeaway is clear: 2020 would have been much, much more miserable without these supposedly evil big businesses in our corner. We owe them far more than we give them.
2021 is the perfect time to revisit our basic beliefs about the role of government and business in society. Both were unexpectedly challenged by the greatest public health crisis in recent memory.
Government failed. Business triumphed. Statism should be discredited, hopefully for an entire generation. Any coherent political philosophy for the 21st century must start from this basic truth.

Alexander William Salter

Alexander William Salter is an associate professor of economics in the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University, the Comparative Economics Research Fellow at TTU’s Free Market Institute, and a senior fellow with the American Institute for Economic Research’s Sound Money Project. Follow him on Twitter @alexwsalter.
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‘Growing Body of Evidence’ Shows COVID-19 Leaked from Chinese Lab: U.S. Official

And this is news. Always known. The only ones denying it was the ChiCom-supported Democrat media complex.

‘Growing body of evidence’ shows COVID-19 leaked from Chinese lab: US official

By Sara Dorn. The NY Post, January 2, 2021 |
U.S. National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger is doubling down on the theory that COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese government-run lab in Wuhan.
Pottinger, a staunch critic of Beijing, allegedly made the claim in a recent Zoom meeting with British officials.
“There is a growing body of evidence that the lab is likely the most credible source of the virus,” Pottinger reportedly said, according to the Daily Mail.
The Trump appointee pushed the theory as the European Union made a new investment deal with China last week over protests from Pottinger and hesitance from the incoming Biden administration.
Pottinger, one of the first U.S. officials to raise alarms inside White House walls about the origins of the virus back in January 2020, has reportedly suspected since the early days of the outbreak that the coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab.
He ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to search for evidence that it had, the New York Times reported in April.
A Chinese virologist who said she did some of the earliest research on COVID-19 has publicly claimed COVID-19 was man-made, and that the Chinese government covered up its dangers. Western medical experts have discredited the theory.
see also
Wuhan ‘bat woman’ open to inspection to prove COVID did not originate in lab
The World Health Organization has been investigating the source of the virus since the first case was made public in January 2020. Patient Zero has not been found.
Pottinger suggested in the recent call with British officials that the WHO probe is a ruse.
“MPs around the world have a moral role to play in exposing the WHO investigation as a Potemkin exercise,” Pottinger told the parliamentarians, referring to fake villages created in Crimea in the 18th Century to convince the visiting Russian Empress Catherine the Great that the region was in good health.
“Even establishment figures in Beijing have openly dismissed the wet market story,” Pottinger allegedly said, referring to another theory that the virus was transmitted from animals to humans inside a wildlife market in Wuhan where the first cluster of cases emerged.

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VIDEO: Governor Noem Says South Dakota Has ‘Perhaps The Strongest Economy’ in Country After Refusing Lockdowns

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s response to the global pandemic has been superb. She rightfully refused to shut down her state despite ridicule from the Left. Today, South Dakota’s economy is red hot. As such, American’s are moving to South Dakota in droves. Like Governor DeSantis, Governor Noem will be a force in the 2024 Republican primaries.

Governor Says South Dakota Has “Perhaps The Strongest Economy” in Country After Refusing Lockdowns

By: Dan Bongino Show, January 1, 2020
Despite the fact that lockdowns do enormous amounts of economic damage, they’ve proven to be almost completely ineffective at stopping the coronavirus.
One of the governors that understood this early on was South Dakota’s Kristi Noem. Noem was savagely criticized by liberals that pointed to the tiny state’s high rate of infection as evidence that she needed to shut everything down. However the state has only had a grand total of 1488 coronavirus-related deaths and yesterday, they had a mere 444 new cases. Meanwhile, unlike many liberal states that aggressively shut down their businesses, South Dakota’s economy hasn’t been decimated this year.

The national unemployment rate is 6.7% and states like New York and California that have heavily relied on lockdowns to control the coronavirus have unemployment rates over 8%. As you may have heard, people and businesses are fleeing both of those states. So, how is South Dakota doing on that front? It looks like they’re doing pretty well.

How much of the economic misery we’ve seen this year was caused by the coronavirus and how much of it was actually caused by the overreaction of state governments to the coronavirus? South Dakota’s experience suggests most of the economic damage we saw this year was self-inflicted. That doesn’t mean the coronavirus isn’t serious and it doesn’t mean that we all shouldn’t take steps to avoid getting it. However, is it worth economically crushing a lot of small businesses and impoverishing so many people for lockdowns that don’t even seem to work? Some of us were asking that question months ago and South Dakota’s experience seems to suggest that we were on the right track.

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President Trump New Year’s Eve video

Always strong. Always an optimist. Always fiercely pro-America. We couldn’t ask for a better POTUS then President Donald J. Trump. He is one for the ages. The best we have ever seen. G-d bless him.

President Trump celebrates vaccine, economy in New Year’s Eve video

In the video posted to Twitter, Trump promoted the success of Operation Warp Speed’s ability to develop a coronavirus vaccine before the end of the year.
By Kare11, December 31, 2020

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on New Year’s Eve posted a video to Twitter celebrating the COVID-19 vaccine, Operation Warp Speed and the U.S. economy.

“In the face of great challenges this year, Americans showed incredible grit, strength, tenacity and resolve,” he said at the beginning of the nearly 5-minute long video.

Trump also promoted Operation Warp Speed and the mission’s achievement of developing a coronavirus vaccine before the end of the year. The U.S. has authorized the emergency use of two vaccines, one made by Pfizer and BioNTech and the other by Moderna, but doses will be rationed for months.

Pfizer and BioNTech undertook their own vaccine development, maintaining a more arms-length relationship with the government. However, the companies have since partnered with the federal government to distribute the vaccines.


More than 19 million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19 since March, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University, and nearly 344,000 people have died.

In the past two days, the U.S. has reached a record number of deaths from the coronavirus. More than 15,500 people died from the virus on Tuesday and another 15,000 died on Wednesday.
In his video, Trump also touted the success of the U.S. economy and the stock market throughout the year.
“Before the pandemic, we built the greatest economy in the history of the world,” he said. “Now we are going it again.”
The pandemic shocked markets early in the year. The S&P 500 fell 8.4% in February, then plunged 12.5% in March as the pandemic essentially froze the global economy. Businesses shut down in the face of the virus threat and tighter government restrictions. People shifted to working, shopping and doing pretty much everything else from home.

Wall Street didn’t stay down for long though, thanks in large part to unprecedented actions from the Federal Reserve and Congress to support the economy. Investors flocked to big technology companies such as Apple and Amazon and smaller companies like Grubhub and Etsy that were poised to take advantage of the shift to working and shopping from home.

Top 15 MAGA Moments for President Donald Trump in 2020
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Why Would Blue State Governors Use Draconian Lockdowns that DO NOT Work to Slow the Chinese Virus?

Because they are dupes of those Socialist/Communist strategists who are working to destroy Capitalism and make everyone dependent on the government.
COVID-19 is a dream come true for modern day Commies who have dreamed of this day since Cloward and Piven wrote their thesis in the 1960s.
Here is one more of many stories about how California, with the most Chinese virus cases even as it is the most locked down state in the nation, is suffering.
To those of us looking on it makes no sense that Governor Newsom would want to inflict such economic misery on the people of California, unless….
…..Newsom and other Democrat governors want the suffering to force Americans to move toward Socialism/Communism.
From The Lid:

California COVID Cases Surge- Proving Lockdowns Don’t Work

If you still live in California, you probably deserve a medal. Living under the tyrannical rule of Newsom has to hurt. He keeps on adding to his COVID rules, but the only thing the rules accomplish is to prove that lockdowns don’t work. The economy sinks while the CoronaVirus cases surge.
Stephen Moore explains that the lockdowns don’t reduce deaths, and they hurt those who can least afford to be hurt:
Lockdowns are crushing the little guy. Even so, it is the Democrats who are pushing this anti-freedom agenda. Here are the 10 states listed by The New York Times with the strictest lockdown orders: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Washington. What do they have in common? Democratic governors.
The states that have not locked down their economy have lower death rates than New York and New Jersey. The unemployment rate for service workers in these states has skyrocketed to as high as 10%. In contrast, the red states, such as Utah and Florida, that are still open for business have unemployment rates for service workers as low as 4%.

Be confused no longer, they have a STRATEGY

So if you have been confused about why these Democrat governors are behaving in a way that is clearly aimed at bringing down the US economy, don’t be confused.  The Democrat Party has been indoctrinated for decades in the Cloward-Piven Strategy—bring down Capitalism by creating a massive welfare state.
In 2009 I wrote about it at Refugee Resettlement Watch positing that the reason the Left wanted more impoverished refugees and immigrants was to add to the numbers of poor people who would demand more ‘services’ from an increasingly strained government.
Here is my post from 2009.  I know it is long but maybe it will help clear up any confusion you have right now about what appears to be just dumb decisions by dumb Dems.  No, this is a strategy!

Cloward-Piven Strategy: bring down Capitalism by flooding the welfare system

More on November 23rd:   Jim Simpson, an expert on the Cloward-Piven strategy has more today at the American Thinkerhere.
That is the basic goal involved in the Cloward-Piven strategy that most of us never heard of until Obama and the community organizers got to the White House.  I’ve been reading about it lately, thanks to RRW reader Paul, and it came to mind last night as I considered the fact that Somali refugees had flooded Maine primarily for the generous welfare system (more shortly).
This is just some background from David Horowitz’s Discover the Networks that I want to post so we can continue to build our ‘community destabilization’ category, and not lose the links.
Cloward is dead. Piven is still alive and in 2011 Piven (now 88) attempted to try to tell students at a Christian college that the Tea Party was RACIST.
HotAir tells us what happened. https://hotair.com/archives/tina-korbe/2011/10/13/messiah-college-crowd-pushes-back-on-frances-fox-pivens-accusations-of-tea-party-racism/
Inspired by the August 1965 riots in the black district of Watts in Los Angeles (which erupted after police had used batons to subdue a black man suspected of drunk driving), Cloward and Piven published an article titled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty” in the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation. Following its publication, The Nation sold an unprecedented 30,000 reprints. Activists were abuzz over the so-called “crisis strategy” or “Cloward-Piven Strategy,” as it came to be called. Many were eager to put it into effect.
In their 1966 article, Cloward and Piven charged that the ruling classes used welfare to weaken the poor; that by providing a social safety net, the rich doused the fires of rebellion. Poor people can advance only when “the rest of society is afraid of them,” Cloward told The New York Times on September 27, 1970. Rather than placating the poor with government hand-outs, wrote Cloward and Piven, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; the collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation; poor people would rise in revolt; only then would “the rest of society” accept their demands.
The key to sparking this rebellion would be to expose the inadequacy of the welfare state. Cloward-Piven’s early promoters cited radical organizer Saul Alinsky as their inspiration. “Make the enemy live up to their (sic) own book of rules,” Alinsky wrote in his 1972 book Rules for Radicals. When pressed to honor every word of every law and statute, every Judaeo-Christian moral tenet, and every implicit promise of the liberal social contract, human agencies inevitably fall short. The system’s failure to “live up” to its rule book can then be used to discredit it altogether, and to replace the capitalist “rule book” with a socialist one.
You should take some time and read Cloward and Piven’s 1966 seminal work in the Nation magazine to fully understand the concept.  They (and their comrades today) want to enroll as many people as they can on public assistance, cause a crisis by overloading local governments, bring greater federal control and ultimately collapse Capitalism as the federal government takes greater control and brings about ultimately a guaranteed wage for all— a redistribution of wealth.
This is the opening paragraph of the Nation article:
[Update! The article is no longer available at The Nation, but a Leftwing publication reposted it here,at Common Dreams.]
How can the poor be organized to press for relief from poverty? How can a broad-based movement be developed and the current disarray of activist forces be halted? These questions confront, and confound, activists today. It is our purpose to advance a strategy which affords the basis for a convergence of civil rights organizations, militant anti-poverty groups and the poor. If this strategy were implemented, a political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.
My theory is that the “poor” of the 1960’s were, in subsequent decades, entering the middle class.  Thanks to Capitalism there weren’t enough of them to collapse the system and many other Americans have an  antipathy to living off the government and accepting welfare!   So community organizers need the immigrants and refugees who have become accustomed, in the case of refugees, to living off of the United Nations, to help swell the welfare rolls.  That is the only logical explanation for the Obama Administration continuing to resettle very high numbers of refugees right now (in a recession!) when there is little work for them—well that, and the desire on their part to create a magical borderless utopian world.
The Somalis who migrated to Maine are only too happy to comply, next!  Here it is.

So here we are, decades later, just where Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, AOC and Ilhan Omar wanted us to be—redistributing wealth by handing out welfare checks to most of America.
If Biden/Harris succeed in stealing the White House, the demented old man could finish us off by handing us over to the Communist Party of China.
EDITORS NOTE: This Frauds, Crooks and Criminals column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Twelve Times the Lockdowners Were Wrong

This has been a year of astonishing policy failure. We are surrounded by devastation conceived and cheered by intellectuals and their political handmaidens. The errors number in the thousands, so please consider the following little more than a first draft, a mere guide to what will surely be unearthed in the coming months and years. We trusted these people with our lives and liberties and here is what they did with that trust.

1. Anthony Fauci says lockdowns are not possible in the United States (January 24):
When asked about the mass quarantine containment efforts underway in Wuhan, China back in January, Fauci dismissed the prospect of lockdowns ever coming to the United States:

“That’s something that I don’t think we could possibly do in the United States, I can’t imagine shutting down New York or Los Angeles, but the judgement on the part of the Chinese health authorities is that given the fact that it’s spreading throughout the provinces… it’s their judgement that this is something that in fact is going to help in containing it. Whether or not it does or does not is really open to question because historically when you shut things down it doesn’t have a major effect.”

Less than two months later, 43 of 50 US states were under lockdown – a policy advocated by Fauci himself.

2. US government and WHO officials advise against mask use (February and March)
When mask sales spiked due to widespread individual adoption in the early weeks of the pandemic, numerous US government and WHO officials took to the airwaves to describe masks as ineffective and discourage their use.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams tweeted against masks on February 29. Anthony Fauci publicly discouraged mask use in a nationally broadcast 60 Minutes interview on March 7. At a March 30 World Health Organization briefing its Director-General supported mask use in medical settings but dissuaded the same in the general public.

By mid-summer, all had reversed course and encouraged mask-wearing in the general public as an essential tool for halting the pandemic. Fauci essentially conceded that he lied to the public in order to prevent a shortage on masks, whereas other health officials did an about-face on the scientific claims around masking.

While mainstream epidemiology literature stressed the ambiguous nature of evidence surrounding masks as recently as 2019, these scientists were suddenly certain that masks were something of a magic bullet for Covid. It turns out that both positions are likely wrong. Masks appear to have marginal effects at diminishing spread, especially in highly infectious settings and around the vulnerable. But their effectiveness at combating Covid has also been grossly exaggerated, as illustrated by the fact that mask adoption reached near-universal levels in the US by the summer with little discernible effect on the course of the pandemic.

3. Anthony Fauci’s decimal error in estimating Covid’s fatality rates (March 11)
Fauci testified before Congress in early March where he was asked to estimate the severity of the disease in comparison to influenza. His testimony that Covid was “10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu” stoked widespread alarm and provided a major impetus for the decision to go into lockdown.

The problem, as Ronald Brown documented in an epidemiology journal article, is that Fauci based his estimates on a conflation of the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) and Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for influenza, leading him to exaggerate the comparative danger of Covid by an order of magnitude. Fauci’s error – which he further compounded in a late February article for the New England Journal of Medicine – helped to convince Congress of the need for drastic lockdown measures, while also spreading panic in the media and general public. As of this writing Fauci has not acknowledged the magnitude of his error, nor has the journal corrected his article.

4. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” (March 16)
The lockdowners settled on a catchy slogan in mid-March to justify their unprecedented shuttering of economic and social life around the globe: two weeks to flatten the curve. The White House Covid task force aggressively promoted this line, as did the news media and much of the epidemiology profession. The logic behind the slogan came from the ubiquitous graph showing (1) a steep caseload that would overwhelm our hospital system, or (2) a mitigated alternative that would spread the caseload out over several weeks, making it manageable.

To get to graph #2, society would need to buckle up for two weeks of shelter-in-place orders until the capacity issue could be managed. Indeed, we were told that if we did not accept this solution the hospital system would enter into catastrophic failure in only 10 days, as former DHS pandemic adviser Tom Bossert claimed in a widely-circulated interview and Washington Post column on March 11.

Two weeks came and went, then the rationale on which they were sold to the public shifted. Hospitals were no longer on the verge of being overwhelmed – indeed most hospitals nationwide remained well under capacity, with only a tiny number of exceptions in the worst-hit neighborhoods of New York City.

A US Navy hospital ship sent to relieve New York departed a month later after serving only 182 patients, and a pop-up hospital in the city’s Javits Convention Center sat mostly empty. But the lockdowns remained in place, as did the emergency orders justifying them. Two weeks became a month, which became two months, which became almost a year. We were no longer “flattening the curve” – a strategy premised on saving the hospital system from a threat than never manifested – but instead refocused on using lockdowns as a general suppression strategy against the disease itself. In short, the epidemiology profession sold us a bill of goods.

5. Neil Ferguson predicts a “best case” US scenario of 1.1 million deaths (March 20)
The name Neil Ferguson, the lead modeler and chief spokesman for Imperial College London’s pandemic response team, has become synonymous with lockdown alarmism for good reason. Ferguson has a long track record of making grossly exaggerated predictions of catastrophic death tolls for almost every single disease that comes along, and urging aggressive policy responses to the same including lockdowns.

Covid was no different, and Ferguson assumed center stage when he released a highly influential model of the virus’s death forecasts for the US and UK. Ferguson appeared with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 16 to announce the shift toward lockdowns (with no small irony, he was coming down with Covid himself at the time and may have been the patient zero of a super-spreader event that ran through Downing Street and infected Johnson himself).

Across the Atlantic, Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx cited Ferguson’s model as a direct justification for locking down the US. There was a problem though: Ferguson had a bad habit of dramatically hyping his own predictions to political leaders and the press. The Imperial College paper modeled a broad range of scenarios including death tolls that ranged from tens of thousands to over 2 million, but Ferguson’s public statements only stressed the latter – even though the paper itself conceded that such an extreme “worst case” scenario was highly unrealistic. A telling example came on March 20th when the New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof contacted the Imperial College modeler to ask about the most likely scenario for the United States. As Kristof related to his readers, “I asked Ferguson for his best case. “About 1.1 million deaths,” he said.”

6. Researchers in Sweden use the Imperial College model to predict 95,000 deaths (April 10)
After Neil Ferguson’s shocking death toll predictions for the US and UK captivated policymaker attention and drove both governments into lockdown, researchers in other countries began adapting the Imperial College model to their own circumstances. Usually, these models sought to reaffirm the decisions of each country to lock down. The government of Sweden, however, had decided to buck the trend, setting the stage for a natural experiment to test the Imperial model’s performance.

In early April a team of researchers at Uppsala University adapted the Imperial model to Sweden’s population and demographics and ran its projections. Their result? If Sweden stayed the course and did not lock down, it could expect a catastrophic 96,000 deaths by early summer. The authors of the study recommended going into immediate lockdown, but since Sweden lagged behind Europe in adopting such measures they also predicted that this “best case” option would reduce deaths to “only” 30,000.

By early June when the 96,000 prediction was supposed to come true, Sweden had recorded 4,600 deaths. Six months later, Sweden has about 8,000 deaths – a severe pandemic to be sure, but an order of magnitude smaller than what the modelers predicted. Facing embarrassment from these results, Ferguson and Imperial College attempted to distance themselves from the Swedish adaptation of their model in early May. Yet the Uppsala team’s projections closely matched Imperial’s own UK and US predictions when scaled to reflect their population sizes. In short, the Imperial model catastrophically failed one of the few clear natural experiment tests of its predictive ability.

7. Scientists suggest that ocean spray spreads Covid (April 2)
In the second week of the lockdowns several newspapers in California promoted a bizarre theory: Covid could spread by ocean spray (although the paper later walked back the headline-grabbing claim, it is outlined here in the Los Angeles Times). According to this theory – initially promoted by a group of biologists who study bacterial infection connected to storm runoff – the Covid virus washed down storm gutters and into the ocean, where the ocean breeze would kick it up into the air and infect people on the nearby beaches. As silly as this theory now sounds, it helped to inform California’s initially draconian enforcement of lockdowns on its public beaches.

The same week that this modern-day miasmic drift theory appeared, police in Malibu even arrested a lone paddleboarder for going into the ocean during the lockdown – all while citing the possibility that the ocean breeze carried Covid with it.

8. Neil Ferguson predicts catastrophic death tolls in US states that reopen (May 24)
Fresh off of their exaggerated predictions from March, the Imperial College team led by Neil Ferguson doubled down on alarmist modeling. As several US states started to reopen in late April and May, Ferguson and his colleagues published a new model predicting another catastrophic wave of deaths by the mid-summer. Their model focused on 5 states with both moderate and severe outbreaks during the first wave. If they reopened, according to the Imperial team’s model, New York could face up to 3,000 deaths per day by July.

Florida could hit as high as 4,000, and California could hit 5,000 daily deaths. Keeping in mind that these projections were for each state alone, they exceed the daily death toll peaks for the entire country in both the fall and spring. Showing just how bad the Imperial model was, the actual death toll by mid-July in several of the examined states even fell below the lower confidence boundary of its projected count. While Covid remains a threat in all 5 states, the post-reopening explosion of deaths predicted by Imperial College and used to argue for keeping the lockdowns in place never happened.

9. Anthony Fauci credits lockdowns for beating the virus in Europe (July 31)
In late July Anthony Fauci offered additional testimony to Congress. His message credited Europe’s heavy lockdowns with defeating the virus, whereas he blamed the United States for reopening too early and for insufficient aggressiveness in the initial lockdowns. As Fauci stated at the time, “If you look at what happened in Europe, when they shut down or locked down or went to shelter in place — however you want to describe it — they really did it to the tune of about 95% plus of the country did that.”

The message was clear: the United States should have followed Europe, but failed to do so and got a summer wave of Covid instead. Fauci’s entire argument however was based on a string of falsehoods and errors.

Mobility data from the US clearly showed that most Americans were staying home during the spring outbreak, with a recorded decline that matched Germany, the Netherlands, and several other European countries. Contrary to Fauci’s claim, the US was actually slower than most of Europe to reopen. Furthermore, his praise of Europe collapsed in the early fall when almost all of the lockdown countries in Europe experienced severe second waves – just like the locked down regions of the United States.

10. New Zealand and Australia declare themselves Covid-free (August-present)
New Zealand and Australia have thus far weathered the pandemic with extremely low case counts, leading many epidemiologists and journalists to conflate these results with evidence of their successful and replicable mitigation policies. In reality, New Zealand and Australia opted for the medieval ‘Prince Prospero’ strategy of attempting to wall themselves from the world until the pandemic passes – an approach that is highly dependent on their unique geographies.

As island nations with comparatively lower international travel than North America and Europe, both countries shut down their borders before the as-of-yet undetected virus became widespread and have remained closed ever since. It’s a costly strategy in terms of its economic impact and personal displacement, but it kept the virus out – mostly.

The problem with New Zealand and Australia’s Prince Prospero strategy is that it’s inherently fragile. All it takes to throw it into chaos is for the virus to slip past the border – including by accident or human error. Then heavy-handed lockdowns ensue, imposed with maximum disruption at the spur of the moment in a frantic attempt to contain the breach.

The most famous example happened on August 9 when New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared that New Zealand had reached 100 days of being Covid-free. Then just two days later a breach happened, sending Auckland into heavy lockdown. It’s a pattern that has repeated itself every few weeks in both countries.

In early December, we saw a similar flurry of stories from Australia announcing that the country had beaten Covid. Two weeks later, another breach occurred in the suburbs around Sydney, prompting a regional lockdown. There have been embarrassing missteps as well. In November the entire state of South Australia went into heavy lockdown over a single misreported case of Covid that was mistakenly attributed to a pizza purchase that did not exist. While both countries continue to celebrate their low fatality rates, they’ve also incurred some of the harshest and most disruptive restrictions in the world – all the result of premature declarations of being “Covid-free” followed by an unexpected breach and another frantic lockdown.

11. “Renewed lockdowns are just a strawman” (October)
In early October a group of scientists met at AIER where they drafted and signed the Great Barrington Declaration, a statement calling attention to the severe social and economic harms of lockdowns and urging the world to adopt alternative strategies for ensuring the protection of the most vulnerable. Although the statement quickly gathered tens of thousands of co-signers from health science and medical professionals, it also left the lockdown supporters incensed. They responded not by scientific debate over the merits of their policies, but with a vilification campaign.

They answered by flooding the petition with hoax signatures and juvenile name-calling, and by peddling wildly false conspiracy theories about AIER’s funding (the primary instigator of both tactics, ironically, was a UK blogger known for promoting 9/11 Truther conspiracies). But the lockdowners also adopted another narrative: they began to deny that lockdowns were even on the table.

Nobody was considering bringing back the lockdowns from the spring, they insisted. Arguing against the politically unpopular shelter-in-place orders in the fall only served the purpose of undermining public support for narrower and more temperate restrictions. The Great Barrington authors, we were told, were arguing with a “strawman” from the past.

Over the next several weeks in October a dozen or more prominent epidemiologists, public health experts, and journalists peddled the “lockdowns are a strawman” line. The “strawman” claim saw promotion in top outlets including the New York Times, and in an op-ed by two principle co-signers of the John Snow Memorandum, a competing petition that lockdown supporters drafted as a response to the Great Barrington Declaration.

The message was clear: the GBD was sounding a false alarm against policies from the past that the lockdowners “reluctantly” supported in the spring as an emergency measure but had no intention of reviving. By early November, the “strawman” of renewed lockdowns became a reality in dozens of countries across the globe – often cheered on by the very same people who used the “strawman” canard in October.

Several US states followed suit including California, which imposed severe restrictions on private gatherings up to and including meeting your own family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And a few weeks after that, some of the very same epidemiologists who used the “strawman” line in October revised their own positions after the fact. They started claiming they had supported a second lockdown all along, and began blaming the GBD for impeding their efforts to impose them at an earlier date. In short, the entire “lockdowns are a strawman” narrative was false. And it now appears that more than a few of the scientists who used it were actively lying about their own intentions in October.

12. Anthony Fauci touts New York as a model for Covid containment (June-December)
By all indicators, New York state has suffered one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world. Its year-end mortality rate of almost 1,900 deaths per million residents exceeds every single country in the world. The state famously bungled its nursing home response when Governor Andrew Cuomo forced these facilities to readmit Covid-positive patients as a way to relieve strains on hospitals. The policy backfired as most hospitals never reached capacity, but the readmissions introduced the virus into vulnerable nursing home populations resulting in widespread fatalities (to this day New York intentionally undercounts nursing home fatalities by excluding residents who are moved to a hospital from its reported numbers, further obscuring the true toll of Cuomo’s order).

New York has also fared poorly during the fall “second wave” despite reimposing harsh restrictions and regional lockdown measures. By mid-December, its death rate shot far above the mostly-open state of Florida, which has the closest comparable population size to New York. All things considered, New York’s weathering of the pandemic is an exemplar of what not to do.

Cuomo’s policies not only failed to contain the virus – they likely made it far more deadly to vulnerable populations. Enter Anthony Fauci, who has been asked multiple times in the press what a model Covid response policy would look like. He gave his first answer on July 20th: “We know that, when you do it properly, you bring down those cases. We have done it. We have done it in New York.”

Fauci was operating under the assumption that New York, despite its bad run in the spring, had successfully brought the pandemic under control through its aggressive lockdowns and slow reopening. One might think that the fall rebound in New York, despite locking down again, would call this conclusion into question. Not so much for Dr. Fauci, who told the Wall Street Journal on December 8: “New York got hit really badly in the beginning” but they did “a really good job of keeping things down, and still, their level is low compared to the rest of the country.”


Phil Magness is a Senior Research Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research. He is the author of numerous works on economic history, taxation, economic inequality, the history of slavery, and education policy in the United States.

This article was published on December 26, 2020 at American Institute for Economic Research (AIER)  and is reprinted with permission.

COVERUP OF THE CENTURY: Leaked Documents Expose Extent Of Communist China’s Coronavirus Lies/Disinfo/ Censorship

Thousands of internal directives and reports expose how Chinese officials stage-managed what appeared online in the early days of the outbreak.
Called “The Wuhan Files,” the report reveals evidence of mishandling and purported destroying of evidence, based on a 117-page document marked “internal document, please keep confidential.”
The documents reveal that China’s censorship on information about the outbreak began in early January, before coronavirus had even been decisively identified.
China deliberately misled the world in the early stages of Wuhan’s Covid-19 outbreak, suppressed evidence, and mishandled the pandemic, stated a report published by CNN.

The Times reported that the documents include more than 3,200 directives and 1,800 other files from the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the country’s Internet regulator located in the eastern city of Hangzhou. Also included were files and code from Urun Big Data Services, a Chinese company that produces software used by the government to track online discussions and oversee troops of online commenters.

And the Democrat media cabal and their tech giant handmaidens were only to happy to submit to the Chicoms. It’s bloody treason.

Leaked documents reveal extent of China’s attempts to control coronavirus message

By: i24NEWS, December 20, 2020:
Chinese censorship on information about outbreak began in early January, before decisive identification
China’s attempts to influence opinion regarding the coronavirus pandemic have been brought to light through secrete government directives and “reclaiming the narrative” after The New York Times and ProPublica reviewed hacked documents.
A hacker group known as CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Unmasked shared the documents, which reveal the Herculean efforts that the actual CCP invested in maintaining control of the Internet. “The Times and ProPublica verified the legitimacy of many of the documents, some of which had been acquired independently by China Digital Times, a website that follows Chinese Internet controls,” according to The Jerusalem Post/.
The documents show as early as January – before the coronavirus had been decisively identified – Chinese authorities clamped down on information to make the virus look less severe, and the government more capable.
This was particularly true when Li Wenliang, the doctor who had initially sounded the alarm about the new viral outbreak died of COVID-19 on February 7, sending Chinese sensors into overdrive.
“They ordered news sites not to issue push alerts about his death, and told social platforms to gradually remove his name from trending topics pages and activated legions of fake online commenters to flood social sites with distracting chatter,” reported The New York Times.
Beijing was caught off-guard at the outpouring of emotion and became deeply concerned about creating a “butterfly effect,” in turn causing officials to get to work suppressing inconvenient news.
The Times also maintained that propaganda workers produced reports that ensured people saw nothing other than the calming message from the Communist Party, i.e. that the government had everything under control.
In addition to employing hundreds of thousands of people part-time to promote information that parrots the CCP’s ideology, WeChat, China’s version of WhatsApp also censored data at the beginning of the pandemic, according to The Post.
Wired reported that by March, WeChat blocked mentions of international groups, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Red Cross, in addition to censoring references to outbreaks in other countries.”

RELATED ARTICLE: You Can Kill Covid With a Flick of a Light Switch, Study Shows
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You Can Kill Covid With a Flick of a Light Switch, Study Shows

Ultraviolet LED lights kill coronavirus quickly, efficiently and cheaply — but don’t go stringing purple lights all over your home.
You can kill Covid with a flick of a switch, study shows:

Ultraviolet LED lights kill coronavirus quickly, efficiently and cheaply — but don’t go stringing purple lights all over your home.

 December 17, 2020:

Israeli researchers discover that coronavirus can be quickly and easily killed using UV LED lights. =
As the world continues to race toward a vaccine for Covid-19, new Israeli research shows that the humble light bulb could become a major player in the fight against the pandemic.

Researchers have discovered that coronavirus can be killed quickly, efficiently and cheaply using ultraviolet light-emitting diodes, or UV LED lights.

In a study recently published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology researchers found the optimal wavelength for killing the coronavirus is 267 nanometers.
They also discovered that a wavelength of 286 nanometers is almost as efficient, requiring less than half a minute to destroy more than 99.9 percent of the coronaviruses – good news considering that 286 nm LED bulbs are much cheaper and more readily available, and could be installed in air conditioning and water systems.
“The entire world is currently looking for effective solutions to disinfect the coronavirus,” she says. “The problem is that in order to disinfect a bus, train, sports hall or plane by chemical spraying, you need physical manpower, and in order for the spraying to be effective, you have to give the chemical time to act on the surface.
“The disinfection systems based on LED bulbs, however, can be installed in the ventilation system and air conditioner, for example, and sterilize the air sucked in and then emitted into the room.”
Mamane explains that it is quite simple to kill the coronavirus using LED bulbs that radiate ultraviolet light.
“But no less important, we killed the viruses using cheaper and more readily available LED bulbs, which consume little energy and do not contain mercury like regular bulbs. Our research has commercial and societal implications, given the possibility of using such LED bulbs in all areas of our lives, safely and quickly.”
Ultraviolet radiation is a common method for killing viruses and bacteria. Ultraviolet disinfecting bulbs can be found, for example, in home water purifiers.
Earlier this year, scientists determined that applying ultraviolet light on the inside of ventilation systems in indoor spaces can quickly and efficiently deactivate both airborne and surface-deposited Covid-19.
Despite the exciting discovery, this is not the time to string purple lights all over your home.
“Of course, as always when it comes to ultraviolet radiation, it is important to make it clear to people that it is dangerous to try to use this method to disinfect surfaces inside homes,” Mamane warns.
“You need to know how to design these systems and how to work with them so that you are not dire

RELATED ARTICLE: COVERUP OF THE CENTURY: Leaked Documents Expose Extent Of Communist China’s Coronavirus Lies/Disinfo/ Censorship
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VIDEO: FL State Senator Joe Gruters’ bill would prohibit businesses from discriminating against a customers’ COVID vaccination status

Florida’s State Senator Joe Gruters (R-District 23) has introduced legislation that would prohibit businesses from requiring customers to show proof of having been vaccinated against covid and/or from discriminating against would be customers who cannot and/or will not show such proof.
Watch the Cape Coral TV news blurb:

What you say? I do not support government intrusion into how a private business is operated.

  1. This bill would stop, in its tracks, attempts by Government to require the general citizenry to show proof of being vaccinated during the course of their normal day-to-day activities.
  2. This bill would stop, in its tracks, attempts by Government to, “under the color of law”, force businesses to become the “vaccination police”

That said, I would rather see legislation that prevents the State of Florida from imposing ANY sort of “must show proof” requirements and let businesses make their own decisions on the matter.
Then, again, when I walk into a bank lobby and some minion tells me I must wear a mask and then, using their bare hands (God only knows where their hands have been), from an open box (God only knows where it has been), hands me an unsealed mask (God only knows who has handled them) and demands that I put it on my face?
Let’s just say that we need something along the lines of Gruters’ bill and we need it damn soon.
Read the Bill here:https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/364
©Tad MacKie. All rights reserved.

Mask Mandates Seem to Make CCP Virus Infection Rates Climb, Study Says

This article is published in The Epoch Times on December 22, 2020 and updated on December 23, 2020

Protective-mask mandates aimed at combating the spread of the CCP virus that causes the disease COVID-19 appear to promote its spread, according to a report from RationalGround.com, a clearinghouse of COVID-19 data trends that’s run by a grassroots group of data analysts, computer scientists, and actuaries.

Researchers examined cases covering a 229-day period running from May 1 through Dec. 15 and compared the days in which state governments had imposed mask mandates and the days when they hadn’t.

In states with a mandate in effect, there were 9,605,256 confirmed COVID-19 cases, which works out to an average of 27 cases per 100,000 people per day. When states didn’t have a statewide order—including states that never had mandates, coupled with the period of time masking states didn’t have the mandate in place—there were 5,781,716 cases, averaging 17 cases per 100,000 people per day.

In other words, protective-mask mandates have a poor track record so far in fighting the coronavirus. States with mandates in place produced an average of 10 more reported infections per 100,000 people per day than states without mandates.

“The reverse correlation between periods of masking and non-masking is remarkable,” RationalGround.com co-founder Justin Hart tweeted on Dec. 20.

The 15 states that went without a statewide mask mandate for the duration of the analysis were Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming, Daniel Horowitz notes in an explainer at Conservative Review.

Continue Reading at The Epoch Times

San Francisco Sees More Overdose Deaths Than Covid Deaths in 2020

Data show alarming trends in drug overdoses and suicide as people—especially young people who are least at risk from COVID-19—are forcibly cut off from friends, families, and communities.

It’s quite likely that wherever you are reading this, you are currently subjected to lockdowns, restrictions, regulations, or executive orders to one degree or another, as government officials respond to the coronavirus pandemic with increasing coercion and control. Indeed, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that US states and cities have “imposed the most extensive restrictions on business and social gatherings” since the spring.
Many argue that these new restrictions are essential for slowing the current surge in coronavirus cases in certain areas, but some public health researchers have pointed out that lockdowns and related government orders that focus entirely on containing COVID-19 cases lead to worse public health outcomes in other areas. This collateral damage from lockdowns is already glaringly apparent. In particular, data show an alarming trend toward drug overdoses and suicide in 2020, as people—especially young people who are least at risk from COVID-19—are forcibly cut off from their friends, families, and communities.

The desperation is revealed in startling new statistics. According to the Associated Press, a total of 621 people have died of drug overdoses this year in San Francisco, compared to 173 deaths in the city from COVID-19. The number of San Francisco drug overdose deaths is up from 441 in 2019. California has enacted some of the strictest public health orders in the country this year, and is still seeing its cases rise.
One survey by YouGov found that 39 percent of respondents who were recovering from an addiction prior to lockdowns have relapsed. Other research shows increasing rates of drug and alcohol abuse in 2020, and the CDC reports that overdose deaths are accelerating during COVID-19.
Federal surveys show that 40 percent of Americans are now grappling with at least one mental health or drug-related problem.
Martin Kulldorff, a biostatistician and epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School, has been critical of widespread lockdowns since the beginning of the pandemic, warning that these coercive strategies would lead to other serious public health harms and increased mortality.
“The current lockdown strategy has led to many excess deaths, both from COVID-19 and from the collateral damage on other health outcomes,” Kulldorff recently told Newsweek. “A focused protection strategy, as outlined in the Great Barrington Declaration, would minimize disease and mortality by better protecting older and other high risk people while letting the young live near normal lives.”
Kulldorff also suggests that new data showing US excess deaths in 2020 for people ages 25-44 are mostly due to the collateral damage caused by lockdown policies.

In addition to rising drug and alcohol abuse and overdose deaths, suicidal thoughts and attempts are also increasing this year. The Washington Post reports that depression and anxiety have surged since the arrival of the coronavirus.
“Federal surveys show that 40 percent of Americans are now grappling with at least one mental health or drug-related problem. But young adults have been hit harder than any other age group, with 75 percent struggling,” the Post reports. “Even more alarming, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently asked young adults if they had thought about killing themselves in the past 30 days, 1 in 4 said they had.”
The Post explains that we won’t have accurate data on suicide rates for 2020 until another couple of years, due to slow reporting mechanisms. But state and city data for some areas suggest disturbing suicide numbers this year, including in Oregon’s Columbia County where suicides by summertime had already exceeded the area’s 2019 total, and DuPage County near Chicago reports a 23 percent increase in suicides over last year. Other large counties in the US have seen similarly ominous trends, and in Japan, more people died of suicide in the month of October alone than have died from COVID-19 this entire year.

As families weigh the trade-offs this holiday season between social isolation to slow the spread of coronavirus and the harms that this separation can cause, many of them are choosing to ignore public health warnings to avoid travel and holiday gatherings. The New York Times reports that millions of people have passed through airport security checkpoints this week, while The Wall Street Journal indicates that nearly 85 million Americans are expected to travel between Dec. 23 and Jan. 3, a decline of just under 30 percent from last year.
More families may be seeing the damage these lockdowns and related policies are causing their loved ones and are no longer willing to comply with draconian orders to stay away from others. Their decision may be made easier when they see public health officials and politicians personally violating the holiday travel and gathering warnings and rules they thrust on others.
COVID-19 should be taken seriously as a public health threat, but so too should the harms of lockdowns and government orders that are leading to record numbers of drug overdose deaths and suicides, along with other types of collateral damage such as rising global poverty and declining cancer screenings.
While public health and elected officials remain singularly focused on COVID-19, families gathering this holiday season recognize that ensuring the overall health and well-being of their loved ones extends beyond one virus.

Kerry McDonald

Kerry McDonald is a Senior Education Fellow at FEE and author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well-Educated Children Outside the Conventional Classroom (Chicago Review Press, 2019). She is also an adjunct scholar at The Cato Institute and a regular Forbes contributor. Kerry has a B.A. in economics from Bowdoin College and an M.Ed. in education policy from Harvard University. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and four children. You can sign up for her weekly newsletter on parenting and education here.
EDITORS NOTE: This FEE column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Russian/Chinese Intel: Carousel and COVID-19 in America

When Karl Marx published his Specter of Communism in the 19th century, even he couldn’t imagine that Specter in our midst in the 21st century. Yet, we have it… A compromised House Intel guy, Rep. Erik Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese communist spy is the latest revealed activity of the Specter. It didn’t surprise me—I am writing about Socialist/Communist Intel activities and have been for the last three decades. To be precise about the Russia/Chinese Intel, it has spread its propaganda globally and even owns the Democrat Party. This triangle is fighting our Constitutional Republic on a variety of fronts for decades. Whatever the name of the ideology – Marxism, Socialism, Communism or Fascism, all of them have the same nature, origins and agenda-control and power. To survive you first need to identify it, because it is a war by an aggressive Specter against Humanity.

Russia’s Global Agenda

For Russia, this Specter became a reality in the 1917 Socialist Revolution and Russian leaders ever since have been directed by the Specter. If the Global Domination was first imagined by Marx, the structural format, methods and arrangements of the war have been worked out by these Russian leaders: Stalin, Andropov and Putin. Those three have spread the ideology globally. It took Stalin 29 years to create the Chinese Communist State. I am constantly repeating that knowledge of Russia and her Intel is a Must, because both Russian and Chinese Ministries of State Security are identical—they have been built by Comrade Stalin with the same ideology, strategy, methods, and dirty tricks.
Though equally abused and subordinated to the malignant Communist regime yet, there is a distinction between the two populations: a billion hard-working Chinese people with entrepreneurial spirit have achieved much more than sick, alcoholic, state-dependent Russians. It is a matter of quantity and quality, plus the tremendous world technological advancements in the 21st century that have been appropriated by the Chinese CCP. Neither Intelligence service use their money for research and development—they rely on stealing the secrets from us. Writing about Russia’s Intel I use the term KGB—it is a collective image–those three letters are familiar to the vast majority of Americans… Do you remember Putin’s KGB Mafia-Army spread globally, BLM and Antifa infiltrating the midst of the American society?
Seventy years later we are dealing with a Global Spy Ring of multi-national forces subverting their target peoples: primarily Western civilization and American capitalism. The Russian leaders have chosen to act by destroying their enemy, us, from within and they have. The main target was American capitalism and in prior articles, I have shown you how the infiltration and destruction was done in the 20th century. The KGB Mafia-Army has interfered in all corners of our society, courts, business, sports, democratic institutions, and created a Socialist mentality within the minds of Americans, corrupting and secularizing the society. The Democrat Party was infiltrated, contaminated and converted into America’s Socialist Party by the Russian Intel, a party of Socialist Charlatans. Their modus operandi: deceiving and confusing the opponents by lies, institutionalized fraud, and cheating—propaganda, symbols and slogans, intimidation, manipulation, provocation, and threat.
The Dems have weakened and undermined our political system bit by bit, destroying traditional culture and creating a chaos in America. As a result we have some of the Washington Establishment married to Russian spies. Don’t be surprised by Eric Swalwell, he is just the latest example. Obama’s Ambassador to Russia was sleeping with a KGB Alumni in Moscow (you can see their picture in my column). The KGB’s Mafia-Army has had a free hand to damage us from within in concert with the Dems. It was the KGB that trained the Chinese Intel to do the same. Years ago, I was warning you about the so-called Romeo-Department of the KGB. The tragedy of America is that the Republicans do not have the in-depth knowledge of Russia and her Intel and never fought back the real COLLUSION: Dems/KGB—the criminal cabal that committed TREASON. You witnessed the resignation of two Republican Attorney Generals—both did not know Russia, her Intel, and allowed the Dems-criminals to sell America… Read my books and columns about “the Axis of Evil” under Kremlin’s umbrella.

Putin’s KGB “Operation Disinformation”

Coming to power in the 21st century, Vladimir Putin used this confusion with his usual dirty tricks. Trump was his mortal enemy by declaring America First and Putin’s coup against Trump began on the day Trump announced his candidacy–Trump/Dossier. It took me two seconds to see this KGB production— a Falshivka, a Soviet-style fraud–the “operation disinformation” has started. American politicians called it “Russian Disinformation,” – wrong — we were dealing with a long-term KGB practice “operation disinformation.” Words matter. For four years media pundits and social justice types were discussing Russia, it is a paradox of incompetency—none of these people knew Russia and her Intel and for four years they were wasting our time, energy, and $40 million of taxpayer money.
“The Russian Disinformation,” known for years, has existed as a part of a monumental Russian project, the outline of a long-term design to destroy the American Constitutional Republic—The Operation Disinformation (you should know the Soviet style KGB play-book.) Many Republicans sadly ignored the elephant in the room—Russia, her Intel, and the Chinese Communist advertising propaganda campaign which bribed the American media, sports, and universities. Remember, Russia and China are in tandem, a pair  working against America like hand in glove…To cover-up the crimes of Treason the Dems had committed, the anti-Trump forces had the task of diverting, and dissuading your attention from the DNC, who had been collaborating with Russian Intel for decades.
Hang on to the task of diverting the attention from the crime committed by the KGB—this is the control mechanism used since Stalin’s postulate: Never admit crime committed, instead accuse the opponent in this exact crime. Coming to power in the 21st century, Vladimir Putin has developed further Stalin’s dirty trick. Putin’s dirty trick was supposed to kill three birds in one shot: To cover-up the crime of treason committed by the Dems, to divert attention from China, and to support anti-Trump forces. Maneuvering, Putin’s three-pronged policy were enhancing each other, they were connected, calculated, coordinated and executed by the Dems criminal cabal and Socialist Charlatans.
There has never been a Trump/Russia collusion, in fact, there was a Dems/Russian Intel collusion. The entire ordeal of various witch hunts against Trump for years has been a misdirected fraud to cover-up the crime of Treason, committed by the Dems/Russian collusion and divert attention from China… In persistent unity Pelosi, Swalwell, and other Dems have overplayed Russia, Russia, Russia to dissuade your attention from the Dems and China. The trick was obvious: focus America’s negativity toward Russia so that nobody suspected the Dems of Treason. All three task-tactics exercised by Putin had been swallowed by the Republicans. Once again I’d repeat: Knowledge of Russia and her Intel is a Must!

Russian Carousel (Roundabout) in America

Encouraged by his success, Putin and his criminal cabal began designing the final assault on the political system of the American Constitutional Republic—the 2020 election. To grasp my ideas you have to know the KGB Mafia-Army, Putin’s KGB government, and certain events going on in Russia. In my preceding column. I have tried to show you massive infiltration in the 2020 election by several foreign governments, in particular Putin’s KGB, because I was afraid that Russian hackers would outwit Americans. Maybe the Dominion machines produced fraud, maybe David Sanger NYT is right researching software, I am not an expert in computer and software technology, but an expert in Russia. The events of multiple fraud were not only obvious visually, but they have been very familiar to me, as it happened in Russian election years ago. And I have described them in my books. The Navarro Report is accurate: the stories of the illegitimate ballots in suitcases and ballots driven by truck from New York to Pennsylvania happened exactly the way it occurred in the Russian 2007 election. Please, read a fragment from my book at the time:

“Have you heard the term carousel (roundabout) used in the election to Duma?  Do you know what it means? Hearing this word in Russian, I did not understand its application at first. The events that followed had given me the meaning of the word. The United Russia party together with the Kremlin’s administration had organized the youth movement’s groups providing them with a caravan of buses. The vast majority of youngsters were called NASHISTS. I watched them on Russian TV. Young people, wearing shirts with Putin’s portrait, singing with enthusiasm bordering on euphoria, occupied the buses and moved along the streets to the voting precincts one after another. The voting ballots were waiting for them and they all voted for United Russia. Then they left for other voting places where they voted again and again for the United Russia (Party).
I will give you another example so you can fully comprehend what is going on in Russia. A couple of months before the election, the Kremlin had issued an order to all enterprises and offices throughout eleven time zones. The order requested all the workers of the above mentioned plants and offices, students and teachers to take the absentee ballots from their places of residence and vote in their place of work or study. The heads of all offices were told to watch how people were voting and provide United Russia with the victory. Moreover, the policy of infiltration from the Soviet past became clear in the present Russia.” pp. 191-192, What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction, XLIBRIS, 2012.

Socialist Charlatans vs. the Western World

The Republicans still don’t understand that there is no patriotic Democrat Party any longer, a multi-national cabal of Socialist Charlatans are fighting Republicans and our Constitutional Republic. Until Republicans call Socialist Charlatans their real names, Republicans will lose… language matters… Socialist Charlatans have camouflaged themselves by the name Democratic, though nothing democratic is left in the so-called Democrat Party. Biden is using the name of democracy and lying to you by talking about American democracy, because people didn’t grant power to Joe Biden—the KGB did. The Republicans in Georgia’s runoff election need to learn and use an appropriate terminology. Language is a major factor in debates!
Not surprisingly Biden was chosen as a leader of the Dems—he has been working for Putin under the Socialist, Obama, for years. Biden was chosen by Obama to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy to help Putin to resurrect the Russian Empire again. As a matter of fact, without Ukraine it cannot be Russian Empire again. Do you remember quid-pro-quo and a $billions to fire a prosecutor who investigated Hunter and the Burisma controlled by Russian asset? Biden himself is a part of the fraud within “operation disinformation,” but… hang on…
Today a demented Biden is a vessel to make Kamala the U.S. President. Yes, this is Putin’s agenda to make this close friend of the Soros family, the U.S. President, and to demolish completely the American Constitutional Republic. Kamala is more of a threat to our Republic than anybody else. She is Putin’s asset to make another American Manchurian President…
Though Tony Babulinsky credibly reported Biden’s family monetary ties with China, I’d recommend you to read my book mentioned above to see for yourself the Russia/China ideological bonds against Western civilization. You will also learn why Justice Roberts changed his political affiliation. All of that had started years ago with the infiltration of the KGB onto our soil–a political operation to take over our Constitutional republic, the way the Socialist  Revolution in Russia took over that country a hundred years ago. This operation in America has been done by the KGB in concert with the Dems’ leadership and it is going on today in 2020. Here are two recent examples:
The term “White Supremacist” is not the new one: it is an old one, as the KGB’s major agenda of “divide and conquer” using the race card has never changed. The KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov had designed the term “White Oppression” in the 1960s. The term “White Supremacist” has the same agenda—“divide and conquer,” it is a continuation of 1960th. Read my columns describing Andropov’s Legacy and indoctrination of the Black communities by Andropov’s KGB in the 1960: Chapter 25, Stalinism and Destabilization of America, pp. 135-142, Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, XLIBRIS, 2016. Keep in mind also that the Dems have their armed forces Antifa and BLM and, (obsessed with Trump) Nancy Pelosi knows it and uses them under Putin’s supervision against the Republicans…
The second example of the KGB infiltration is The Lincoln Project. I have already express my opinion about the Project in my column October 19, 2020 Wake-Up Suburbia! Soviet/Socialist Inspired Insurrection!
“Insurrection is an art, and like all art it has its laws” Leon Trotsky 
 However, focusing your attention on Putin’s old Soviet fraud there, here is also a caveat—the KGB was trying to infiltrate both parties. Yes, Trump is Putin’s mortal enemy and so are all famous American Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln. Knowing the KGB agenda to discredit all of them, I suspect an infiltration of the Project by the KGB to disgrace the name of Lincoln. I won’t be surprised by crime being committed by a member of the Project. I don’t know the name of the individual, but I know well the KGB. Whatever you call the ideology: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, or Soviet Fascism (they all constitute a totalitarian one-party system), the terminology depends on ones’ knowledge of the KGB and Russian/Chinese Intel. Read my column Nationalism, National-Socialism, and Soviet Fascism, November 19, 2020.

A Man-Made Chinese COVID-19

To achieve his monumental agenda, Putin needed Chinese help and got it. The deadly missile of COVID-19 was launched. The Chinese preparation for the deadly virus has been going on since the 20th century. The KGB has a network of secret laboratories dealing with man-made viruses. One of them had invented HIV and spread it throughout the globe in 1970-1980. That entire experience was taught to the Chinese scientific agency within the Ministry of State Security by the Russian Intel. Besides, Chairman Xi learned a lot from Putin. Having his internal problems-millions of the Chinese elderly-a burden to Chinese economy. He needed to get rid of them as I have already reported in my column. And he did. In my opinion “The Maximum Security Biolab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology” had produced man-made COVID-19, like the KGB secret lab had produced HIV in the 1960s.
Chairman Xi has declared his support for Biden whose family had commercial ties with China. Besides, he learned a lot from Putin and like Putin, he, by one shot killed three birds. First: as I prior reported the COVID-19 killed from 21-30 million people in China. Second: Chairman Xi promised to expend Chinese economic power and challenge the U.S. economically and he did—a part of American capitalism, small business, was devastated by COVID-19. Third: COVID-19 helped anti-Trump forces, and many Socialist Charlatans openly admitted it. I also recognized the W.H.O. Director Dr. Tedros, who often visited China as he is a KGB agent. A man-made Chinese COVID-19 promises a lot of negative surprises for the citizens of America and the globe…
Remember: Russian/Chinese Intel is waging a war against Western civilization and American capitalism for global Control and Power.

My conclusion:

The recent Russian cyberattack on six departments of the American government is equal to a declaration of war in the 21st century. The Specter’s criminal ideology is fighting Humanity by all means possible, including the use of cyber and biological weaponry. A global response is required to save the lives of living beings. The criminal ideology must be exposed, intellectually defeated and judged with a world verdict. This global threat needs a vital global response.
To be continued www.simonapipko1.com and at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/.
©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.
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Facemasks are the Symbol of Submission to the Brute Force of Big Government Bullies

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” – Ayn Rand

For the first time in history we are seeing more and more individuals, groups, corporations and religions submit to the brute force of big government bullies.
The facemask is not unlike the Nazi armbands worn in Germany leading up to the take over of the government by Adolph Hitler, or the red star pins worn during the reign of Joseph Stalin and the Mao cap worn even today by Chinese Communists.
We are entering the darkest period in the history of these United States of America.
QUESTION: How did this happen so quickly?
ANSWER: The political weaponizing of a pandemic to give the state the power to do anything it damn well pleases. Covid-19 is the “ultimate inversion.”
CNN reported that Joe Biden, if he becomes president, wants to enforce a “mask mandate” in all 50 states.

The Ultimate Inversion

The state has taken control our our lives, our liberties and our happiness.
Ayn Rand in her 1957 book Atlas Shrugged wrote:

When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion–when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing–when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors–when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you–when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice–you may know that your society is doomed.

Here is a short list of things that big government bullies are forcing upon you and me:

  1. They want to cancel our culture of freedom, liberty, life, prosperity and replace it with big government mandates.
  2. They want to cancel Christmas. By doing so they would deny God and his powers over us.
  3. They want to replace God with government. Government that would control and enslave us for its purpose, not ours.
  4. They want to use this pandemic to expand their control over us.
  5. They DEMAND that we wear a face mask as a symbol of our submission to government power.
  6. They want to replace our pursuit of happiness with government largess thus making us beholding to them, not independent workers.
  7. They want to stop us being with family, friends, co-workers so that we further submit to their bullying.
  8. They want and must control our very lives in order to gain power over us.
  9. They demand we obey by closing our businesses, restricting our ability to travel and living a normal life.
  10. Finally, they must impose upon us more and more mandates, rules, laws and regulations in order to become our new slave masters. They do this in the name of social justice, not equal justice under our laws.


As Ayn Rand said, “Government control of a country’s economy — any kind or degree of such control, by any group, for any purpose whatsoever — rests on the basic principle of statism, the principle that man’s life belongs to the state.”
The “C” in Covid stands for control. Control of our lives, our livelihoods and ultimately our economy. A national mask mandate is the first step to statism.
The goal of the nanny state bullies is to control our nation’s economy and thereby control US. They use fear to control we the people. Covid is 90% political and 10% virus.
Enough is enough. It is past time for patriots to stand up and be counted. Time to fight back against the government bullycrats.
James Grundvig wrote, “As we enter the last month of the year, the geopolitical tectonic plates continue to shift and roll, transforming the world as we once know it. The struggle for freedom to express its voice amid the din of propaganda or share its ideas under blanket censorship becomes increasingly difficult. Now, with the U.S. Presidential Election corrupted and thrown into doubt, who can the people trust? What institutions can they believe in?”
It is time to understand that we must choose to live free. If we don’t then we will surely die under the boot heels of politicians and control by a corrupt bureaucratic system.
The counter revolution is near. Be prepared.
©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

VIDEO: DeSantis Defends Restaurants, Bars — ‘Some May Want To Shut You Down. We Want To Pull You Up’

More outstanding work from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. What a difference from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who’s shutdowns are destroying New York State’s restaurant industry.

WATCH: DeSantis Defends Restaurants, Bars: ‘Some May Want To Shut You Down. We Want To Pull You Up’

By Daily Wire, December 17, 2020
On Tuesday, speaking at Okeechobee Steakhouse in West Palm Beach, Florida, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who has withstood barrages of criticism from the political Left for his refusal to implement harsh lockdowns, like many Democratic governors across the nation, asserted that restaurants will stay open in Florida. “We just want to send a message: Some may want to shut you down; we want to pull you up,” he said. “We’ve got your back.”
DeSantis began, “We’re happy to be here at Okeechobee Steakhouse to really send a message that at a time when folks in our service industries, particularly restaurants, lodging, and hospitality, have kind of taken it on the chin, particularly in other states, where they’ve been completely shut down. We just want to send a message: Some may want to shut you down; we want to pull you up. We’ve got your back.”
“If you’re somebody who’s a waitress or a cook or you’re a family-owned business, you’re an important part of our state,” he continued. “You’re working folks, who are working hard to make a living; you have every right to do that. You can take it to the bank in the state of Florida; you’re going to have that right defended by the governor.”
DeSantis turned to some data: “You know, there’s a lot of talk when it comes to COVID about the kind of infections, and tracing and everything, and at the beginning of this, restaurants in particular were singled out as kind of like, this is a place that’s really problematic. Most of the contact tracing that’s been done has restaurants as very low in terms of where these infections can be traced to. New York just did their big one and put it out I think yesterday or the day before, and they had 1.4% of infections traced to restaurants and bars.”

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

School Teachers vs. Restaurant Workers

Two groups that have been spoken about often during the 2020 pandemic have been school teachers and restaurant workers. Though both groups have a large number currently not working, the two groups are dramatically different in how they have been treated by our governments. Let’s take a look at the difference and compare/contrast their realities.

School teachers are largely public employees and they principally belong to public employee unions. It is estimated there are more than four million teachers in our country. They are principally represented by two unions – National Education Association (NEA) with 2.2 million members and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) with 1.7 million members. In the well-known ruling (Janus), the Supreme Court made it illegal for these unions to command membership. The unions (in cahoots with state governments and local school districts) have placed significant obstacles in front of anyone wanting to opt out. Teachers have their money taken out of their paychecks beginning the very first day on the job. Those funds are used to buy political influence at the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Some say the teachers’ unions are the largest contributors to Democrats with only meager amounts going to Republicans.

The teacher’s unions have largely stated their members will not work during the pandemic. Initially the California division of the unions stated not only would they stay home but wanted certain public policies to be changed before returning to the classroom. They demanded single-payer, government-provided healthcare; full funding for housing California’s homeless; a shutdown to publicly funded, privately operated charter schools; and a new set of programs to address systemic racism. To pay for all this, they want a 1% wealth tax, a 3% income surtax on millionaires, and increased property taxes on businesses. They also want $250 million from the federal government unions. At least the people of California voted down the property tax increases.

The remainder of policies are in the hands of their hand-picked California legislature and the federal government. At the federal level they have possibly the biggest political harlot in American history, Speaker Pelosi, on their side. She has told the world that it is dangerous for teachers to return to the classroom. She knows that is a lie, but she stands in front of a mic and states it anyway because she is owned by the national unions.

We now have the science that it is harmful for the kids staying home. They have little chance of exposing their teachers to COVID and their teachers have little chance of getting the disease from the kids. Once again the party of science uses it when it is convenient.

The teachers still refuse to return for a couple reasons. The unions are socialist organizations. They insist on treating every teacher the same in compensation despite the variance in their skills. STEM teachers are paid the same as others despite the higher demand and specialized knowledge. The thing that is honored by the unions is seniority. Thus, they refuse to return to the classroom because the teachers who are over 50 years old have a higher level of risk from the disease even though the risk is still extremely low until you reach the age of 70. There are few, if any, teachers at that age because they have retired to receive their government funded pension and rich health care plans.

The second reason they have not returned to the classrooms is the teachers are receiving full pay, health insurance and pension while on this prolonged self-imposed vacation. Some are trying to teach remotely, but that has proven to be an abject failure. The “mask” of the teachers caring about the students has been fully ripped off for everyone to see. They belong to a union that is racist and cares only about its members.

The Los Angeles School system has now been closed down without any science behind it.

Then there are the restaurant workers. There are an estimated 13.5 million of them. The life of many of these workers since March has been go home, stay home, hope your employer gets a PPP loan, wait for a call back, get a call back, shut down again, wait for a call back, try to look for another job, can’t find another job, get a call back, feel fortunate you are one of the few, have to work outside where the seats are far away from the kitchen, customers complain their food is cold because you had to bring it from the kitchen a long distance away, sweat to death because it is 100 degrees outside and you are walking back and forth, then the weather turns and you are delivering the food in 45 degrees. Then you are shut down again. You ask why. Your employer asks why. You get nothing but orders from the health department. You cannot understand. Your employer and you have taken every precaution, but you are sitting at home again hoping to get unemployment benefits that take forever to arrive. Then you find out your restaurant has closed for good. It could not survive the constant turmoil brought on by government edicts and excessive costs to comply.

Small business in America has extremely high favorability rating ranging to near 90%. Despite that elected officials crap on them all the time. A lot of them mouth platitudes about small business during their campaigns then do everything to stall them, harm them and put them out of business.

Two national health officials validated what we knew already — There is no science that outdoor dining is a risk for COVID contraction. Yet California and officials of other states shut down restaurants and their workers.

There were 660,700 restaurants in America in 2018. The National Restaurant Association has estimated that 110,000 restaurants have closed permanently. It has been estimated that 50% of full service restaurants will permanently close. Drive down the street and see the “for sale” and “for lease” signs on restaurant after restaurant. Another shutdown, with no science behind it, will kill off an even greater number as body blow after body blow cannot be endured. They will cause the permanent loss of millions of jobs and people scrambling to figure out how they will support themselves. The workers will not be receiving paychecks nor will they be receiving health insurance and pension contributions like the public-school teachers.

Though people love small businesses and the workers at their restaurants and similar businesses, they keep electing these politicians who make it challenging on a normal day to start and run their businesses and have done so much during the pandemic to harm them. Hundreds of people can walk around a Costco while restaurants cannot even have 25% capacity with significant safeguards for customers and workers. Why is that? Simply a function of money lining elected officials’ pockets.

Public school teachers’ unions have been a blight upon our society for years. In previous columns, we have delineated how racist these unions have become. The problem is largely generated because parents like their kid’s teacher while not acknowledging they enable these racists unions to exist. The parents think their kid’s teacher cares when it has become quite clear they only care about themselves. If you belong to these despotic unions, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Stop coddling them. They are not your friend nor your kid’s friend.

Instead, start giving your local busser, server, cook, chef, restaurant owner the love they deserve and demand that your elected officials do as well. If anything, this pandemic has shown they are the people who are there for you, care about you and take the personal risks to make your life better.


Bruce Bialosky is a nationally  known columnist. He was appointed by President Bush to the U.S. Holocaust Commission and is the Founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California. This article first appeared 11/13/20 in Flash Report  and is reproduced herein by the permission of the author. Comments can be directed to Bruce@Bialosky.biz.

COVID Vaccine: A Promising Start, But Freedom Must Be Paramount

Yesterday, after nine long months of praying for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah Lindsey — a critical-care nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens — received the first coronavirus vaccination. While the distribution of this vaccine is a sign of hope for many, the hyper-political climate in which it was created has caused moral, ethical, and medical concerns surrounding the vaccine. Chief among these concerns are: was the vaccine ethically created, or was it derived from an abortion-derived cell line? Is the vaccine effective? And finally, will taking the vaccine be mandatory?
The Pfizer vaccine made its mark as the first vaccine distributed in the United States. In phase three testing, Pfizer reported the vaccine demonstrated 95 percent efficacy against COVID-19. While this is promising, as Dr. Michelle Cretella pointed out in her interview on “Washington Watch,” “we do not have any long-term studies” showing the effectiveness of the vaccine or its potential side-effects. Though abortion-derived cell lines were used during some of the animal phase testing of this vaccine, thankfully, there were no abortion-derived cell lines used in its production, leading the Charlotte Lozier Institute to declare the Pfizer vaccine as ethically uncontroversial.
The Moderna vaccine, currently under review by the FDA, has reported a 94.1 percent efficacy rate and could be available for distribution as early as this weekend. Dr. Cretella explained that — similar to the Pfizer vaccine — this vaccine uses new technology to fight the virus: “These vaccines contain a messenger, a genetic messenger within them that will enter our cells and cause our cells to create a particle that resembles the virus. Protein resembles the COVID virus protein. And that is what is going to trigger our immune system to make antibodies.” While the Moderna vaccine also used abortion-derived cell lines in its animal testing phase, abortion-derived cell lines were not used in the creation of the vaccine itself. As such, this vaccine also made Charlotte Lozier’s ethically uncontroversial list.
A third vaccine from AstraZeneca has been touted as a promising vaccine candidate because it is cheaper and easier to store than both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines; however, this vaccine has had much more moderate success than the other two. More distressingly, this vaccine is derived from aborted baby cell-lines, causing serious ethical concerns for pro-lifers across the country.
Though the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are reasons for optimism, hesitancy caused by conscience concerns and the lack of long-term testing cannot be ignored. Over the last nine months, our health care workers and people on the front lines have certainly proven that America is the home of the brave, but many of our government officials seem to have forgotten that this is also the land of the free. Across the country, governors and local governments — often against the urging of the White House — have restricted worship, shut down schools — even religious ones — and even tried to cancel Christmas. Basic freedoms have been limited, and so, many are wondering whether the U.S. government will make the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory.
While the White House and Dr. Anthony Fauci have assured the public that mandatory vaccination of the general population will not happen, Dr. Fauci did not rule out a mandate for health care workers, and private businesses can legally mandate the vaccine. Given the ethical and medical concerns surrounding the vaccine, let’s hope that both government officials and private employers remember that America was founded so Americans could be free — free to practice their religion (especially at Christmas), free to assemble (especially in their own homes), and free to decide whether or not to get a vaccine.

Mary Szoch

Director of the Center for Human Dignity
Mary Szoch serves as the Director of the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council. In this position, Mary researches, writes, and coordinates collaborative efforts with other pro-life advocates on policies surrounding life and human dignity.
Prior to joining Family Research Council, Mary was the Director of the D.C. Catholic Conference and the Manager of Catholic Policy and Advocacy for the Archdiocese of Washington. In her role, Mary led the Archdiocese’s public policy work in D.C. including the fight against the legalization of prostitution, the complete deregulation of the abortion industry, and limitations on the freedoms of religious organizations. Mary also directed the Department of Life Issues for the Archdiocese where she collaborated with churches and pro-life organizations to educate and raise awareness on the life issues including abortion, assisted suicide, and discrimination against people with disabilities.
Mary received her master’s in education through the University of Notre Dame’s ACE program where she taught history and English to high school students at an under-resourced school. In 2015, while teaching at St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill, Mary founded a non-profit, Teaching Together, that provides meaningful jobs in schools to adults with special needs.
Mary is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where she majored in political science and philosophy. While at the University of Notre Dame, Mary played basketball for the Fighting Irish and lettered on the 2010-2011 National Championship Runner-Up team. A native of Altoona, Pennsylvania, Mary currently lives in D.C. with her husband, Ben.
EDITORS NOTE: This FRC-Action column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Renowned Epidemiologist Aids St. Michael Academy’s Challenge of Michigan’s Lockdown

St. Michael Academy, a small private independent Catholic high school located in Petoskey, Michigan has a total of 30 high school students.  St. Michael is challenging Michigan’s current MDHHS order which has shut down in-person instruction at high schools across the state on the bogus claim that it is “following the science.”  Citing to the recent Roman Catholic Diocese opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court that observes, “even in a pandemic the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten,” the Thomas More Law Center (“TMLC”), a nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, filed a lawsuit on behalf of St. Michael late Friday in the federal district court for the Western District of Michigan.
In an astonishing turn of events, St. Michael was able to enlist the support of a world-renowned epidemiologist and expert on the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Bhattacharya is an author of 136 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has provided testimony relating to COVID-19 to both federal and state governmental bodies. He is assisting St. Michael Academy without charge, as is the Law Center.
Dr. Bhattacharya has already filed an affidavit in the case. He points out that MDHHS’s orders shutting down schools to in-person instruction are inconsistent with the best scientific evidence regarding the safety of students and the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, supports the WHO guidelines.
Moreover, Dr. Bhattacharya, citing to July guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, warns that prohibiting in-person instruction potentially causes tremendous damage to students, including: severe learning loss, widening disparities in educational outcomes, hampered development of social and emotional skills, potential harm to mental health, exposure to heightened risk of maltreatment and abuse at home, nutritional deprivation of poor children, and a sharp reduction in regular physical activity.
Dr. Richard A. Brake, the Headmaster of St. Michael Academy, is not only in charge of the academic and spiritual development of St. Michael students but also of the development and implementation of the Academy’s plans to keep its students safe from the COVID-19 virus. He and his staff kept up in-person instruction this school year, until the November 15, 2020 shutdown order was issued by the state. Thus far, St. Michael has not experienced any cases of COVID-19 among its students, faculty, or staff.
Dr. Brake believes that banning in-person instruction precludes the Academy from exercising its religious freedom to inculcate in its students the sense of awe and wonder about all of God’s creation, encouraging them to look beyond the temporal and mundane towards the eternal and transcendent. Education and formation at St. Michael Academy involve prayer, worship, devotional practices and the Socratic method. These are not effective when done remotely, with students looking at computer screens.
Richard Thompson, TMLC’s President, observed, “No one denies that slowing the COVID‑19 pandemic is a compelling state interest. But the U.S. Supreme Court’s November 25, 2020 decision in Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v Cuomo held that, even so, where a state’s COVID-19 mitigation law burdens religious exercise and is not neutral, as in our case, states must narrowly tailor their edicts to meet the state interest in the least restrictive manner. The State of Michigan cannot suspend a fundamental right of the people to the free exercise of religion protected by the First Amendment.”
Thompson added, “And based on the scientific evidence that very few children under the age of 19 suffer or die as a result of COVID-19 infection, and rarely transmit the virus to other children or adults, weighed against all the negative ramifications of keeping children home, the state cannot meet the ‘strict scrutiny’ test which demands that it address its interests by the least restrictive means. Experts like the CDC Director are now saying that one of the safest places for students during this pandemic is in school.”

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