EAGLE PASS, TEXAS: President Donald J. Trump ‘We’re going to take care’ of the dangerous border!

By Dr. Rich Swier President Donald J. Trump visited Eagle Pass, Texas,  ground zero and the epicenter for criminal illegal aliens crossing the border. Eagle Pass, Texas has become a symbol of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.’s now clear policy to destroy America, its culture and it people by flooding our nation with millions of cartel […]

U.S. Must Stop Funding ‘Corrupt, Anti-Semitic, Terror-Complicit’ U.N.R.W.A. Agency: Congressman

By Family Research Council The Biden administration’s rhetoric has condemned the October 7 terrorist attack on Israeli civilians, but its deeds have made the U.S. one of the top contributors to terrorist incitement, according to a senior congressmen seeking to cut all financial ties to a terror-tied U.N. organization. The United Nations Relief and Works […]

States Put Billions Toward Illegal Immigrants at Taxpayer Expense: Expert

By Family Research Council As of June 2023, some immigration experts estimated that roughly 17 million illegal immigrants resided in the U.S., with at least 16% of the population arriving under the Biden administration. While migrants from all over the world cite many reasons for coming, one of the biggest is that illegal immigrants are getting several […]

Biden administration’s $4.2 billion bloody blackmail of Ukraine and Congress

By Center For Security Policy The Biden administration has once again confirmed that it has the authority to transfer $4.2 billion of military aid for Ukraine, but is not delivering this vital aid to Ukraine. Despite this admission, the administration has accelerated its months-long attacks on House Republicans, who have nothing to do with the fate of […]

Federal Court Rules Major Biden Spending Bill Was Passed Unconstitutionally

By The Daily Caller A federal judge ruled Tuesday that a $1.7 trillion spending bill was unconstitutionally passed in December 2022 due to the lack of a quorum, blocking enforcement of a law about pregnant women in the workplace. United States District Judge James Wesley Hendrix of the Northern District of Texas said that the House of […]

Save our Republic—Shut Down the Government on March 8th, 2024

By Geoff Ross The weak do nothing Congressional Republican and Democrat socialists and Communists are still unable to script a balanced budget that eliminates the massive fraud waste and abuse of U.S. taxpayers hard earned money. Currently the congress have not been able to agree on legislation to fund military construction and to fund the […]

Retired U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran Denied Disability Payments as the Veterans Administration Funds Illegal Aliens

By Dr. Rich Swier We received this from a 20 year U.S. Army Vietnam combat veteran, I received an email from the Veterans Administration saying that I was eligible to apply for added disability benefits if I had been exposed to “toxic materials” during my 20 years of military service. I went thru the process […]

Hundreds Of Illegal Migrants Released On The Side Of The Road After Aid Money Runs Out

By The Daily Caller Hundreds of migrants were dropped off on the side of the road in San Diego, California, on Friday after funding for a reception center ran dry, according to The Associated Press. Border Patrol buses dropped off hundreds of migrants from places like China, Kazakhstan, Ecuador and Rwanda, among other countries, at […]

‘Desperate’ for Votes: Biden Expands Student Loan Forgiveness by $1.2 Billion

By Family Research Council On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced a new round of federal student loan debt forgiveness, in which almost 153,000 borrowers will have their loans forgiven at a cost of $1.2 billion to American taxpayers under what the White House has termed the SAVE program. Since Biden took office, he has now canceled over […]

ELECTION 2024: $6 TRILLION in Democrat Tax Increases on November 5th Ballot

By The Geller Report It’s the MOAB (mother of all bombs) on America’s dwindling middle class. No enemedia coverage of this, of course. Biden, Republicans offer vastly different plans for handling tax cuts that lapse after 2025 By Richard Rubin, Wall Street Journal Jan. 12, 2024: The winners of November’s presidential and congressional elections will quickly face […]

U.S. Part of a ‘Cash Bonanza’ That’s Paying Illegals to Cross the Border: Report

By Family Research Council Is the U.S. bankrolling our own border invasion? That’s what an explosive new report from The Epoch Times suggests. While Americans struggle to pay for shelter, medical care, food, and schooling for the migrants who’ve been bussed to major cities, we may also be footing the bill for their journey here. “We’re actually […]

Thousands of Illegals Quietly Put on Welfare Rolls By NY Democrat Governor Hochul

By The Geller Report And that is how the Democrat party thanks its lower-income, below poverty level constituents, not to mention all the jobs these illegal aliens will take from entry level, minimum wage jobs. Thousands of migrants in NY quietly collecting cash assistance through Hochul rule change By Rich Calder, NY Post, February 10, 2024,: The […]

Mayorkas Impeached!

By Dr. Rich Swier Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan in an email wrote, Moments ago, with my strong support, House Republicans just successfully voted to impeach Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas! As Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas has a solemn duty to protect our nation and defend our borders. But since his first day in office, Mayorkas has […]

Budget Office’s 10-Year Forecast: Historic Deficits, Record Debt, Higher Taxes

By Family Research Council America’s fiscal future is gloomy, according to the 10-year forecast released Wednesday by the economic meteorologists (accountants, really) at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The CBO projected that by 2034 the U.S. federal government will run a $2.6 trillion deficit, equivalent to 6.1% of GDP, while public-held debt would nearly double from $26 […]

17 Establishment RINO Senators Vote with Democrats to Provide $95B Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza & Taiwan – 11 Voted Multiple Times with Democrats

By Royal A. Brown III Neither of Florida’s Senators voted for this ridiculous spending bill. If one of your Senators voted for this, you should seriously consider never voting for them again.  Each of these spending allocations should have been voted on separately and not combined. More funding for corrupt Ukraine should not have occurred […]

Senate Republicans Block Border Bill

By The Daily Caller Senate Republicans blocked the border security bill from advancing Wednesday after significant pushback. A motion to proceed on the bill failed 49-50. Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, James Lankford of Oklahoma and Mitt Romney of Utah voted to pass the legislation. A handful of Democrats also […]

Washington’s Welfare Uniparty Passes ANOTHER Massive Spending Bill

By The Geller Report House Republicans voted for a child tax credit and business tax-break bill that they claim is a bipartisan achievement, but it’s another election-year spending bonanza and a bigger policy victory for Democrats. The GOP is embracing Democratic welfare and government spending priorities, writes Kim Strassel. The Senate can stop it. Trillions and trillions […]

Black Small Business Owners Favor President Donald J. Trump

By Royal A. Brown III Biden is bleeding black votes, especially those with small businesses who are trending towards voting for Trump with motivations like — “Well, we were broke with Biden. We weren’t with Trump.” WATCH: Black business owners in South Carolina discuss the 2024 Presidential race. Bidenomics has been a failure & we […]

The Congressional Uni-Party Continues to Bury America, like Venezuela, Deeper and Deeper into Debt

By Geoff Ross The Constitutional Republic of the United States is currently being run like a Communist Venezuelan “Democracy.” The interest alone on the out of control U.S. national debt is approaching the annual appropriations price tag for our military and national security defense expenditures. Megan Henney  from FOX Business reported, The U.S. national debt […]

DOJ Conducting Criminal Probe Into Dem. Rep. Cori Bush: REPORT

By The Daily Caller The Department of Justice (DOJ) is reportedly conducting a criminal probe of Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush, who has repeatedly pushed to defund the police, after spending taxpayer money on private security for herself. According to Punchbowl News, the Justice Department has subpoenaed the House Sergeant at Arms for records relating to […]

Here Are Three Unanswered Questions About Biden EPA’s Massive Green ‘Slush Fund’

By The Daily Caller As Republican lawmakers prepare to grill a senior Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official about one of President Joe Biden’s massive green grantmaking programs, several questions about the program’s structure and potential beneficiaries remain unanswered. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is sitting on a $27 billion fund known as the Greenhouse Gas […]

U.S. National Debt of $34,088,375,076,993.31 Trillion is a Ticking Time Bomb

By The Geller Report As the crushing crises increase at dizzying speed, it’s almost impossible to know where to look first. Whiplash. And perhaps the Democrats objective. U.S. national debt tracker for Jan 25, 2024: See what American taxpayers (you) owe in real time US national debt is climbing at rapid pace — and shows […]

‘Dead On Arrival’: Mike Johnson Rips Reported Details Of Senate Border Deal

By The Daily Caller House Speaker Mike Johnson sent a letter to all House Republicans on Friday indicating his opposition to reported details of a border security deal being negotiated in the Senate. The Senate is currently considering proposals to increase border security and reform the immigrant parole process for asylum seekers, demanded by Republicans, in […]

How Much Money Would You Have To Earn To Get All The Benefits of Being an Illegal? $300,000!!!

By The Geller Report Illegal invaders receive cash, free housing, free food, free phones, free healthcare, free tuition. What is the equivalent of what you have to earn to for that bounty? “[Illegals] are told they have a court date in eight or nine years. You’ll get free housing, you’ll get you free everything… Why […]

Betrayed AGAIN: Here’s the Republicans Who Voted to Fund Biden’s Corrupt Runaway Spending

By The Geller Report US Congress passes bill to avert government shutdown, sends it to Biden By: Richard Cowan and Makini Brice Reuters, January 19, 2024: WASHINGTON, Jan 18 (Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved a stopgap bill to fund the federal government through early March and avert a partial government […]

Double Standard of Justice Could ‘Crumble the Entire System’: Former FBI Agent

By Family Research Council If the election is a choice between democracy and chaos (as Joe Biden insists), then the president isn’t making a very compelling case. The man who claims his biggest competition is “sowing lawlessness and disorder” didn’t have to look very far to find it at his own gates. And yet, unlike […]

A woke culture and a rigged economy are choking the American family

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities It’s been right chilly of late here in the Shenandoah Valley, so the other day I trashed the planet and fired up the wood stove. Global warming will arrive come spring. Then out of the blue, my auroral languor was rudely interrupted by a ping on my device. I […]

America’s CEOs Are More Scared Of Country’s Huge Debt Than Anything Else

By The Daily Caller U.S. CEOs believe the country’s national debt and deficit are the greatest geopolitical risks to business operations in 2024, according to a survey from the research group organization The Conference Board. The U.S. national debt was put ahead of other top risks for CEOs, including the potential for an increase in […]

House Speaker Mike Johnson Walks On Fiscally Thin Ice

By Geoff Ross The socialist Republicans and the Communist Democrats continue to print money and initiate out of control spending, to fund the installed Marxist Joe Biden’s / Obama’s path to economic destruction of our constitutional republic. The fiscally destabilizing spending plan currently sitting on the congressional “table” is no different than the socialist spending […]

Biden Promised Gaza Aid Wouldn’t Go To Hamas. He Lied.

By Jihad Watch And now an official who funded the murder of a 17-year-old girl is in charge. A week after the horrors of October 7, when the Biden administration first convinced Israel to open up the siege of Gaza and allow in international aid, it promised Hamas would not get it. “If Hamas in […]