Knock, knock? We’re on a path to extinction! Anyone interested?

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities South Korea just broke its own grim record, reporting the world’s lowest fertility rate at 0.78 children per woman. An unprecedented birth dearth. South Korea is supposedly a “wealthy” country, but it will not be wealthy without children. The disappearance of East Asia and their ancient cultures proceeds apace. […]

Evidence of the CDC’s Covid Conspiracy

By J.W. Bryan The CDC recently announced the scheduling of a confidential meeting to develop a public health tool to predict the virality of vaccine misinformation narratives.  Of course, we know that they perceive truth to be misinformation. So, their intent is to stop it. What they intend to do is come out with a […]

Pedo Protégé: Mentored by Pete Buttigieg, Democrat Mayor Arrested for Child P*rn

By The Geller Report Patrick Wojahn, the Maryland mayor busted on charges of possessing child pornography Thursday has had a longtime mentor-mentee relationship with President Biden’s embattled Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Wojahn was arrested on 56 counts of possession and distribution of child pornography. Former College Park Mayor Wojahn, 47, has credited Buttigieg’s “mentorship” with […]

Cracks in the Leftist-Islamic Alliance: Hamas-linked CAIR Lobbies Hard Against LGBTQ Rights Bill

By Jihad Watch The Leftist-Islamic alliance, which has been rolling along without a hitch for many years now, has hit a pothole in the form of the Left’s mad quest to sexualize children and push trans fantasies upon them. Catholics and other Christians have been grateful for the help and excited about strengthening their new […]

CLIMATE HOAX: Biden’s EPA Has Paid Out $1 Billion Into Climate Grants This Year

By The Geller Report It’s all one giant scam. The climate grift is the greatest political fraud in history. Back in 1971, the great American political theorist, Ayn Rand, wrote in her book. “The Return of the Primitive” , “It has been reported in the press many times that the issue of ‘pollution’ is to be the next big […]

Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab — and now you’re allowed to say so

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities In early 2020, a New York Times headline scoffed, “Senator Tom Cotton Repeats Fringe Theory of Coronavirus Origins“. This week, the newspaper of record is sounding a different tune: “Lab Leak Most Likely Caused Pandemic, Energy Dept. Says“. It is only the latest example of a truth reset on all things Covid-19 — […]

Covid-19: The Crime of the Century

By Wallace Bruschweiler Frederick Forsyth’s 1971 novel The Day of the Jackal is the ultimate example of a skilled novelist manipulating readers to suspend what they know is true and believe something else entirely. Yet, as with hypnotism, the human mind must be willing to permit the “suspension of disbelief.” As we shall see, this […]

Erasing Women: Hershey’s Goes WOKE, Puts Face Of Trans-Man on Chocolate Bar in Honor of International Women’s Day.

By The Geller Report Another thing the leftists and the feminists are stealing from women. Women must realize: the left is stripping us of everything that is uniquely ours. Women are being robbed. Motherhood, romance, sports, all being stolen. Men replacing women. I will not be silent. Young women are being robbed of the greatest […]

Reuters Science Correspondent: “I was wrong” on Climate

By Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow Neil Winton worked at Reuters for 32 years, including as global science and technology correspondent. Winton recently admitted he “was wrong” for going along and not putting in the journalistic effort to question the media’s prevailing climate narrative. Marc Morano posted details at CFACT’s Climate Depot. Winton said: When I […]

HS Student: ‘Schools are quickly becoming a place where promoting activism is actually more important than promoting education’

By Dr. Rich Swier This powerful testimony from a High School junior named Brad Taylor who is 15-years old was sent to us by a reader. It is a must watch to understand where our schools really are.  Transcript BRAD TAYLOR: I just finished my freshman year… I’m going to give you a glimpse […]

FBI DIRECTOR WRAY: FBI Knew ‘For Quite Some Time’ That COVID Came From A Lab

By The Geller Report Trump was right. And they knew. Now think about how many people, the best people, who were destroyed by the government (the FBI) and their stooges in the tech and corporate worlds for saying this very thing. What is not being said is it was an act of war. Wray: FBI […]

‘Leave them kids alone’, sang Pink Floyd in 1979. Now it’s: ‘We’ll convert your children’

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities Parents need to wake up to the possibility of LGBTQ+ indoctrination. February 2023 is the month where the LGBTQ+ juggernaut ramped up its attempt to convert our children and to destroy any notion that heterosexuality has a God-given beauty. Let’s start with WorldPride 2023. In the run-up to the […]

The Incredible ‘Green Transition’ That Can’t

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US Joe Biden campaigned on getting rid of fossil fuels. He said he would ban fracking and his Green New Deal proposal would completely replace fossil fuels with clean energy by 2035.   He is also on record saying he plans “an incredible transition” of the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels, openly admitting that […]

‘The Name Is Bond. James Bond. My Pronouns Are…’ 007 Novels Get Woke Makeover

By Jihad Watch All the way back in that simple, innocent world we lived in on Feb. 19, I wrote: “They started with Roald Dahl, perhaps because no one will be too concerned about the works of an author of children’s books. But make no mistake: the bowdlerizers are by no means finished.” It took less […]

VIDEO: Biden Admin Has An ‘Otherworldly Disconnection’ From What’s Actually Happening In America

By The Daily Caller Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the Biden administration Monday, saying it has an “otherworldly disconnection” with what happens in America. “How would you define the Biden administration? Really the hallmark has been an almost otherworldly disconnection from the actual affairs of the United States,” Carlson, a co-founder of the Daily […]

Phony Climate Change Narrative: Follow the Evidence

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US It’s been a bad month for the climate change crowd.  More evidence came in that the Left’s phony climate change narrative is a complete crock.  NASA satellite data shows there has been no global warming for eight years and five months. One ramification of this truth is that the United Nation’s […]

THE COVID CHINESE LAB LEAK: ‘The origins of Covid was never a secret…The people who knew lied about the truth.’

By The Geller Report “The origins of Covid was never a secret. The people who knew lied about the truth.” We now know COVID was manufactured in a lab—but that’s not all. We now know that Americans were censored by Big Tech and Big Government simply because they challenged their agenda. If these groups are […]

Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation Ending The ‘Corporate Kingdom’ Of Walt Disney World

By The Daily Caller Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation Monday ending the self-governing status and special privileges provided to Walt Disney World through the Reedy Creek Improvement District. DeSantis made the announcement during a press conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The legislation, titled HB 9-B, ends Disney’s self-governing status, establishes a new […]

‘Climate Change’ Causing Gun Deaths!?

By Marc Morano Climate Depot Update – Brought To You By the Wacky World of Climate ‘Climate change’ causing gun deaths!? – Feds Are Coming (Again) for Your Gas Stoves! – ABC News reveals ‘Logistical nightmares’ of EV charging ‘Climate change’ blamed for 8000 gun deaths in New Study in Journal of the American Medical Association […]

West Point Said Applicants Needed The COVID Vaccine Weeks After Mandate Ended

By The Daily Caller West Point affirmed that prospective candidates should be vaccinated against COVID-19, weeks after the mandate was officially revoked, according to multiple statements obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. After the DCNF reached out, West Point reversed course, saying it no longer required the vaccine for new cadets.  “There is no […]

Woody Harrelson’s SNL COVID Skit Creates a Media Frenzy

By Dr. Rich Swier Well it appears that Woody Harrelson appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and spoke truth to power and the media is now enraged, unhinged, angry at him. You decide if Woody is on target. Watch Woody’s full 6:45 minute skit on SNL: Woody Harrelson’s monologue! — Saturday Night Live – […]

Joe Biden’s Hydrogen Slush Fund Means More Dollars Wasted On The Green Energy Boondoggle

By The Daily Caller Nearly 50 years ago in 1976, congress authorized the Hydrogen Program managed by the National Science Foundation. Then in 1983, Bush and Congress threw more money at hydrogen as an alternative energy source. Last year Congress and Biden, in their infrastructure bill, created a $9.5 billion dollar hydrogen slush fund. The Europeans have also authorized $5.2 billion euros for their hydro slush fund. Since 1839, […]

WATCH: Children’s Cartoon Coaxing Kids To Mutilate Their Genitals Released By Teachers Union [VIDEO]

By The Geller Report “We’re very lucky to know a person like that, and they’re even in our class. The person we’ve been calling Lucy is really a boy.” – Irish National Teachers’ Organisation Cartoon Grooming Kids To Mutilate Their Genitals Released By Teachers Union “We’re very lucky to know a person like that, and […]

Lysenkoism Is Today’s Environmentalism and It’s Bent On Killing Millions of People

By Dr. Rich Swier “Trofim Lysenko’s spurious research prolonged famines that killed millions.” — Sam Kean, Washington, D.C.  based writer for The Atlantic. Have you ever heard of Lysenkoism? It is named after the former Soviet Era’s deadliest scientist Trofim Lysenko. In a December 19, 2017 The Atlantic article Sam Kean wrote this about Trofim […]

Major German Paper: Pfizer Fabricated Clinical Trials to Cover Up Deaths

By The Geller Report They knew. They know. And the Biden regime gave them liability protection. Horowitz: Major German paper reveals Pfizer fabricated clinical trials to cover up deaths By: Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Brief, February 21, 2023: According to new provisional data from the Scottish government, there were 7,314 deaths registered in January 2023, an increase of 17.7% compared […]

American Pride Burning

By Family Research Council They called it a “night of rage.” But outside the charred walls of Buffalo’s CompassCare, pro-lifers could barely get the national media to call it anything. Like the string of domestic firebombings across Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee, and Washington, the blown out windows, graffiti, and trashed offices were barely a blip on network news. It’s been […]

Federal Employees Say Forcing Them Back Into The Office Endangers The Planet

By The Geller Report This is where your hard earned taxpayer dollars go – to these sloths. They should all be fired. Clearly, they are not needed. The U.S. government is the nation’s largest employer. It’s obscene. Federal Employees Say Forcing Them Back Into The Office Endangers The Planet The largest union of federal employees […]

The sudden dominance of the Diversity Industrial Complex

By MercatorNet – Navigating Modern Complexities Little more than a decade ago, DEI was just another arcane acronym, a clustering of three ideas, each to be weighed and evaluated against other societal values. The terms diversity, equity, and inclusion weren’t yet being used in the singular, as one all-inclusive, non-negotiable moral imperative. Nor had they […]

Abortion Pills: Risky Business

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US New battlegrounds are taking shape after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  One is abortion pills, which now account for more than half of all abortions.  Abortion advocates are determined to turn the nation’s 27,000 pharmacies into new abortion clinics.  Conservatives are working to keep that from happening. Twenty Republican state […]

It’s About Time: Transgender Clinic Investigated for Child Abuse

By The Daily Skirmish – Liberato.US Missouri’s Attorney General gave new details about his investigation into the St. Louis gender clinic where a trans whistleblower alleged medical providers are going way too far in pushing sex change drugs and surgery on kids. The investigation is quite wide-ranging.  It involves multiple state agencies and promises to leave no […]