4 Reasons Gun Control Can’t Solve America’s Violence Problem

These 4 underlying sociological problems, not guns, are the key drivers of American violence. The gun-control paradigm—the idea that the solution to American violence is more laws restricting guns—is unhelpful. Gun control doesn’t work. Indeed, any statistical connection between gun policy and violence is tenuous. But even if gun control was effective, it would still be flawed. […]

Everytown For Gun Safety Claims to Speak For America, But We Can Fight Back

In the wake of two mass shootings within a week, leftist nonprofit Everytown For Gun Safety aims to spend at least $1 million in ads to “[pressure] Republican senators to support measures that would strengthen and expand background checks for gun buyers”. Their funds come mainly from Mike Bloomberg, longtime proponent of gun control and one of Everytown’s […]

Biden Administration Argues for Warrantless Home Entry and Gun Seizures Before the Supreme Court a Year After Breonna Taylor’s Death

A cursory overlook of the justice system’s operations reveals that the expansion of police powers almost always impacts marginalized communities more harshly – communities the Democrats claim to stand for. In a case argued before the US Supreme Court on Wednesday, the Biden Administration, along with attorneys general from nine states, submitted arguments asking the justices to […]

READ: The Gun Background Check Form Where Hunter Biden Claimed He Wasn’t Using Drugs

Hunter Biden might have lied on the federal forms he filled out to buy the gun at the center of a bizarre new story, forms The Federalist has now obtained. Hunter Biden was the subject of a strange missing firearm case in 2018 after Hallie Biden, the wife of his late brother and subsequently, Hunter’s […]

Netflix Declares War on Jesus [and Gun Owners]

Not content with glorifying pedophilia in Cuties, Netflix in season three of the animated Paradise P.D. features an episode that, according to NewsBusters, is not only devoted to “attacking gun rights,” but was also “blasphemous against Christianity, featuring a video of a gun-wielding Jesus that turns into a porno.” Great, Netflix! Edgy! Courageous! Cutting edge! Stunning and brave! Now, […]

COLORADO MASSACRE: Syrian Immigrant Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa didn’t do it. The Ruger did it!

It looks like in less than his first one hundred days, Biden has an Islamic terrorist attack on his hands, but you will likely never hear those words uttered. Just a nut with a gun, move along, nothing to see. Of course, a week ago the nut with a gun was a white guy perpetrating […]

Guns Prevent Thousands of Crimes Every Day, Research Shows

How many lives are actually saved by gun ownership? It never fails. A split-second after a mass shooting occurs, grandstanders and ideologues issue statements demanding new gun controls—even if the laws already on the books failed or the laws they want would have made no difference. Case in point: the tragic incidents in Dayton, Ohio, and […]

House Passes Democrat Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

Like the Nazis, the Democrats wish to disarm the citizenry. Gun control has never been about guns. It’s about control. “Every episode of genocide in the past century has been preceded by assiduous efforts to disarm the victims first. Turkish Armenia, The Holocaust, The USSR, Soviet Occupied Poland…” “….totalitarian governments are the most likely to […]

‘From My Cold Dead Hands’

“This is happening while Biden and his henchmen are smearing their legitimate political opponents – supporters of President Trump – as ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists,’” she emphasizes. “He is trying to use the fantasy of violent opposition to his regime in order to justify the trashing of the Second Amendment.” ‘From My Cold Dead Hands’: US […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ New CEO Needs To Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Edward Stack is stepping down from his 37-year stint as CEO of the family-run company this February. He’s being replaced by Lauren Hobart, formerly President of the company, but now promoted to President and CEO. Some have noted that Hobart is the first person outside of the Stack family to hold […]

VIDEO: The Myth That the U.S. Leads the World in Mass Shootings

To understand the misleading narrative, we must look to the era of narrative-driven journalism and the politicization of society, both of which subjugate truth to ideology and politics. If you asked me this morning which nation has the most mass shootings in the world, I would have said, with perhaps a flicker of hesitation, the […]

DEFEND FLORIDA ACTION ALERT: Please Take Action on Two Key Gun Bills

ACTION ALERT 1 Florida State Legislation House Bill (HB)133 – Surrendered Newborn Infants aka “Baby Box Bill”. (Related bill is SB122) This bill extends the safely dropping off of unwanted babies from 7 days to 30 days. It is being heard in the Children, Families, & Seniors Subcommittee tomorrow, Feb. 16, 2021, in Tallahassee at […]

VIDEO: Beijing ☭ Biden Comes For Your Guns

Parkland parent calls Biden’s gun control agenda far from ‘common sense’ On the 3rd anniversary of Parkland shooting, Biden pushes Congress to enact gun control measures. Shredding our Constitutional rights, the First and now Second Amendments, in the continuing destruction of the American greatness. Joe Biden Marks 3rd Anniversary of Parkland Shooting with Gun Control […]

WATCH: The Dangers of H.R. 127 — Then Take Action!

UPDATE: TODAY: President Biden issued statement calling on Congress to: 🚨Ban commonly owned firearms (AR-15s) and 10+ round mags🚨Criminalize private firearm transfers🚨Run firearm manufacturers & dealers out of business. NRA will NEVER stop fighting for the 2nd Amendment! — NRA (@NRA) February 14, 2021 Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights posted […]

The Decline and Fall of the National Rifle Association

You could make a plausible argument that the National Rifle Association (NRA) was responsible for Donald Trump winning the election in 2016. They spent over $50 million on the 2016 election, of which over $31 million was for Trump, with the most important part being ads in swing states in the final weeks before election […]

Stop School Shootings Like We Stopped School Fires – From The Inside

Saturday, Dec. 1, 2020, marked the 62th anniversary of the 2nd worst school fire in US history – the Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School fire in Chicago killing 92 children and three nuns.    The worst school fire was in Collinwood, Ohio on March 4, 1908, killing 172 students, two teachers, and one […]

Best Components of a Scope that Makes a Good Scope at a Cheap Price

Here is the guide to find the best components of a scope that makes a good scope at a cheap price with quality perfection. Components of a scope that makes a good scope at a cheap price When you start hunting and shooting the first question that flashes through your mind is what can be […]

DEFEND FLORIDA ALERTS: Biden Overreach and Concealed Carry in the Sunshine State

Caroline Wetherington – DefendFlorida! Florida Alert #1 – The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee Added Concealed Carry to the Committee Agenda. Concealed Carry Bill is Being Publicly Heard on Feb. 1, 2021.  That means you can voice your approval at the hearing! The Chair of the Judiciary Committee has added Senate Bill 498 (Concealed Carry at Religious […]

PODCAST: Don’t Let Anti-Gun Activists Weaponize the Capitol Hill Riot!

GUESTS AND TOPICS: JOHN R. LOTT, JR. John R. Lott, Jr. is the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and the author most recently of Gun Control Myths. Up until this week, Lott was the senior advisor for research and statistics at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy. TOPIC: Don’t Let […]

Fleeing Political Persecution, NRA Files for Bankruptcy, Moving From New York To Texas

New York is run by the Democrat criminal syndicate. The Attorney General is pursues political prosecutions while allowing violent criminals to prowl the streets. NRA files for bankruptcy, moving from New York to Texas Gun rights group blamed state’s ‘toxic political environment’ for move By: Graeme Massie, The Independent, January 17, 2020: The National Rifle Association has […]

Biden Says He Will Defeat Our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms While in Office

First our first amendment rights – free speech – have been crushed. Now, the second amendment is in the crosshairs. But rest assured, Beijing Biden and his cadre of D-bag leadership will be well-protected by armed guards. Biden Says He Will ‘Defeat the NRA’ While in Office By Zachary Stieber, The Epcoh Times, January 10, 2021: President-elect […]

PODCAST: Biden Tweet was Attack on all Gun Owners!

GUESTS AND TOPICS: DR. HUGH MCTAVISH Dr. Hugh McTavish is the founder and Executive Director of COVID Sanity. He is a Ph.D. biochemist and immunologist and also a patent attorney. He has authored 18 refereed scientific journal articles and is the inventor on 21 U.S. patents. He has started two pharmaceutical companies off of his […]

PODCAST: D.C. Swamp Ready To Pass Gun Control!

GUESTS AND TOPICS: DUDLEY BROWN Dudley Brown President NATIONAL ASSP. FOR GUN RIGHTS, has nearly three decades of professional experience in political activism with 25 years as a gun lobbyist, firearms instructor, and expert in American firearms laws and legislation. He founded Rocky Mountain Gun Owners in 1996, which is one of the most successful […]

PODCAST: Senator Graham Doesn’t Trust The Courts Who Spied On Trump — But Trusts Them With Gun Control!

GUESTS AND TOPICS: CONGRESSMAN BOB BARR Congressman Bob Barr represented Georgia’s 7th District in the House of Representatives from 1995-2003. He now practices law in Atlanta, Georgia and is Chairman of Liberty Guard a non-profit, pro-liberty organization. He also heads the Law Enforcement Education Foundation and a consulting firm, Liberty Strategies. TOPICL: Graham Doesn’t Trust […]

Background Checks Are… Wrong

Why are we seeking background checks? We want to stop murder. The nation’s Democrats are fundamentally mistaken about background checks in their most recent bill proposals. The plan sounds good at first blush, people buy into it, but it’s flawed at its core. Background checks control everyone who can legally have guns and where they […]

Barrett MRAD: One of the Best Precision Rifles on the Market

In 2009, the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) was looking for a new rifle through its Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) competition. Barrett developed and entered its Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) sniper rifle into the contest. They lost the bid that year, but the MRAD was already making waves and Barrett kept improving its new […]

PODCAST: Don’t Mess With Texas Self-Defense Laws.

GUESTS AND TOPICS: BRUCE FONG Bruce Fong, DO, HMD, Earned Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences-College of Osteopathic Medicine Licensed as a DO in state of Nevada since 1998. In practice in Reno as an integrative internist since 2001. Working at Sierra Integrative Medical Center since 2003 as Medical Director. Dr […]

Joe Biden Wants a Huge New Tax on Gun Owners

Mark Thornton originally published this article at the Mises Institute on December 3, 2020. Listen to the Audio Mises Wire version of this article. Joe Biden’s gun policy platform offers support for almost all conceivable forms of government restrictions on the Second Amendment. This includes bans and restrictions on sales, expansion of registration and background […]

The U.S. Army Adopted the Sig Sauer P320. Can This Gun Protect Your Home?

The Sig Sauer P320 Compact is a modular-framed, striker-fired pistol designed for versatility and customization. It’s got a lot of interesting features and supports the Sig Sauer reputation for reliable and quality firearms. But is it worth buying? Keep reading to find out. Accuracy This gun is very accurate. Right out of the box, the […]

Why the Ruger LCP is a Favorite Among Women

While anyone of any size is basically capable of shooting any gun, every gun isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. The average firearm is designed for the average size hands of a man. This means that many people on either side of average can be left uncomfortable with many firearms, with many women finding themselves […]